6 Beautiful Home Office Designs That Boost Productivity

The concept of a home office has slowly taken hold and is now embraced as part of the mainstream. If you work from home, you’ll understand that a dedicated workspace should be free from distractions and conducive for focus and concentration. It should also have plenty of sunshine and fresh air to ensure that you feel refreshed as you work.

A beautiful home office boosts productivity, and here are some gorgeous inspirations that we’re obsessed with:

Soft and Sweet

Photo credit: HouseBeautiful

Sweet shades of pink, blue-green and wicker highlight a white background that makes this home office extremely cozy and comfortable, with a touch of feminine charm. The cushy white armchair makes for a very relaxed atmosphere, and there are decorative points from nature all over the room, including seashells, dried branches, and fresh flowers.

The Upper Floor

Photo credit: Budget Breakaway

Got a high ceiling but not much floor space? It’s okay – you can always add an extra elevated space and use it as your office space, with a simple and minimalist approach to furnishings and staircase choice. For professional contractors, visit Gawin.ph and receive free quotes.

Under the Stairs

Photo credit: Rilane

Here’s another idea for a space-constrained home. Put the space beneath your stairs to good use by installing bookcases and a moderately sized desk that can fit your computer. Rollaway surfaces hide away other gadgets that can be pulled out for easy use and storage.

L-Shaped Desk

l-shaped desk
Photo credit: Sauder

Corners that are available should not be left bare. Install an L-shaped desk with plenty of space to work and lay out all your essential documents, as well as store important stationery and files. You can leave an empty space between your bookshelves for an organizer or a notice board for easy reference.

The Future is Here

Photo credit: Tryonshorts

Futurism is a design that’s making its way into everyday life, and it can be a part of your home office too. Rounded single legged chairs, roll-up blinds and potted succulents make for a setting that could have come out of Stanley Kubrick’s movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Old Meets New

Photo credit: Zillow

Reclaimed antique French Oak floors and an antique desk with a high backed chair are paired with modern metallic highlights, including a desk lamp and ornament. Interesting hanging lamps made of wood enhances the organic atmosphere of the room that depends on natural light with its large windows.

Setting up a home office shouldn’t be seen as a chore, as it’s your chance to create the office of your dreams, which is something you won’t be able to do if you work in a conventional office room or cubicle. So grab this chance and contact our renovators and interior designers at Gawin.ph to ensure that your home office meets your personal standards as an incredible place to work.

written by Michelle Chee