6 electricity saving tips for your aircon

When listing out your essential home electrical appliances, air conditioners are certainly high up the list. While air conditioners are essential to help us beat the all-year heat and even during heatwave seasons, it is without a doubt that they are one of the factors that can increase your electricity bill. Nonetheless, there are still ways to maintain the comfort level of your air conditioner unit and yet save energy and your wallet. Here’s a handful of useful tips to reduce energy consumption with your AC!

  1. Maintain an optimal temperature

The ideal AC temperature to cool your room and save energy is between 23 – 25 degrees Celsius. It is never necessary to set the temperature to the lowest at 16 degree Celsius because the lower the temperature, the higher the energy consumption. 

  1. Clean your filters regularly 

Switching on air conditioners with cleaned filters can certainly reduce its energy consumption. Dust and dirt is everywhere and it is inevitable for them to accumulate on your air conditioners’ filters. Dirty filters allow bacteria to thrive and the AC unit would consequently decrease efficiency, release awful smell or even trigger an allergic reaction. You can simply detach the filter, wash with water, let dry and put it back in. However, to avoid mishaps in DIY cleaning, it is highly recommended to seek professional services for a more thorough clean. 

  1. Frequency of switching on and off

Frequently switching your AC on and off can have a negative effect on your electricity bills! The more frequent the AC is switched on or off, the higher the energy consumption. 

  1. Conduct regular AC servicing

Having a well-serviced aircon can cool your home for the year-long hot weather we have here. Servicing your ACs regularly can ensure your air conditioning units are functioning at their maximum capabilities. In the long run, it can save you money by reducing your electricity bills and catching mishaps to avoid future repairs or even a replacement.

  1. Ceiling fan as cooling assistant

Ceiling fans function to circulate air in your room and they can aid in cooling your room in conjunction with air conditioner usage. Simply switch off your air conditioner once the room is cooled then turn on your ceiling fan. Doing so can reduce the cost of your electricity bill by at least 5%. 

  1. Turn it off when you leave

A no-brainer tip to save your electricity bill is to switch your AC off when you leave! To avoid returning to an oven-like space, be sure to keep your windows and curtains/shades closed before leaving. 

Here we have a few tips on saving electricity for air conditioner usage. Want to beat the heat? We have skilled technicians to provide an array of AC services from cleaning, repairing to installation!