What Is Causing Those Ceiling Stains?

Even the most beautiful of homes can’t seem to avoid the notorious ceiling stain, usually brown and yellow these stains not only are an eyesore, but they could actually indicate something needs some TLC asap! Here are a few common reasons for ceiling stains! 

Damaged Pipes

If you have been suspecting the roof but can’t seem to find any faults it’s most likely your plumbing system hidden in your ceilings and walls. Pipes are more prone to leaks when they are old or have had to withstand extreme weather conditions. Therefore it’s always good to have a professional plumber check it out. 

The longer you wait to do the repairs the more damage you can cause and the wider the stain can spread. These ceiling stains due to its dampness can easily cause mould growth and can potentially make you sick. If you need help you can hire our plumbers, and receive up to 5 quotes. 

Leaky Roof 

Improper installation of the roof is one major factor of potential leaks, but the weather could also play a key role in causing your roof to be less durable, having to withstand storms and heat, it can potentially cause a strain on your roof which leads to leaks. The tricky part about roof leaks is that water does not always travel downwards which means your stain could be 6 feet away from the actual source of the problem. 

Instead of investigating it yourself, you can hire a professional to investigate the issue and get to the actual source. We offer roof repair, waterproofing or installation services at 30% OFF this rainy season.  

If you are starting to notice stains around your ceiling you don’t have to worry for long, you can get it resolved with the help of our experts. With over 100+ services you are bound to find something for the home whether it’s roofing, plumbing or cleaning, we got you covered. Book with us this rainy season and enjoy 30% OFF.