5 Ways To Avoid Injuries During A Move

With all the stress and mess of scrambling to get everything in order and making sure nothing gets left behind, moving can get intense. It’s also a very physical and labour-intensive process, when it comes to hauling your heavy furniture and goods.

Missteps and bad practices can result in damage – to your goods and your bodies! From cuts and scrapes, bruised backs and fatigued knees – to broken fingers and bones! – you’d want to avoid common moving injuries with these 5 tips:


1. Using The Right Packing

Image Credit: Universal Preservation Hall


Ensure your items are packaged properly to minimise risk. Secure any loose items so they don’t move and fall, and cover any sharp edges with proper insulation and padding to avoid scrapes and cuts. Also ensure proper protection for fragile and easily broken items like glass.


2. Wear Proper Clothing


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To prevent injuries, wear proper, well-fitting, and comfortable clothing. Use closed toed shoes to minimise any potential injury to your feet, and non-slip, practical flats to avoid slipping and tripping. Clothes that fit well and covers skin will help prevent scrapes, burns, and cuts. Avoid loose-fitting, frilly, or flowing clothes that could get caught or tripped on while moving.


3. Use Good Moving Techniques


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Use the proper techniques when moving and lifting heavy and bulky items. A bad lifting form will not only tire you out easily, but can result in potential long-term damage to your back, knees, and joints. Carrying things in an improper way will also cause strain and fatigue as well as accidents that can result in sprains and other injuries.


4. Be Strategic


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Having a game plan can prevent you from expending more energy than needed when moving, and minimise risk of injuries. It can be as simple as mapping out your moving route, and clearing the way of obstacles and obstruction when moving items. Knowing where everything is, and how everything needs to be done in advance will not only make the operation smoother, but helps with preventing accidents as well.



5. Know Your Limits


Image Credit: Truck & Movers

You want to get things done as soon as possible – and the cheapest way available – but you’ll have to recoginse your own limits. Do not push yourself to carry items that are too heavy, carrying things too far, or exhausting yourself to maximise your time. Don’t skimp on professional help either especially when moving finnicky, hard-to-handle items. You might be saving on immediate resources and time, but could incur much more serious injuries and cost in the long run.

If you think you’re way in over your head or just need some expert help in moving, get in touch with one of the many professional moving services on Gawin today!