5 Tips to Organize Quickly

If you’re getting bothered by how unkempt your home is becoming, this article is for you. Whether you’re expecting visitors to arrive soon or you just want to de-clutter and organize quickly without having to spend so much time cleaning, there are some things you can do to make your home look clean and organized pronto – and it only takes a few minutes to do!

Use a basket

Photo Credit: www.homesandantiques.com

Photo Credit: www.homesandantiques.com


Laundry baskets are handy because you can easily dump dirty clothes there, in one place, and sort them later on. A basket for your clutter works just the same: you can use it for speed cleaning just in case people come for a surprise visit. You can carry this around with you while stuffing it with items that clutter your home, but you can’t deal with at the moment.

Prepare a secret storage

Photo Credit: http://www.homedit.com

Photo Credit: www.homedit.com


Even the most organized person has a secret storage where things go when they can’t be organized at the moment! Have a secret storage available to you – whether it’s your drawer, a basket, a box or a closet – just in case you need a place to stuff your items in for the mean time as they don’t really go anywhere. Just remember to get back to it, though! You might make the mistake of thinking you lost your things when they’re just hiding the whole time.

Prevent the clutter from invading

Photo Credit: stylecaster.com

Photo Credit: stylecaster.com


The best way to declutter is to prevent clutter from happening in the first place, and the best way to prevent clutter is to make sure there are as few spaces to dump clutter as possible. Think about it – the reason why it’s so tempting to dump everything, from your jackets to loose leaves, on your desk is because it’s bare! Dumping your things here means that this space isn’t something you use often, so might as well just block it. You can do so by putting a vase, or by covering it with other pieces of décor like books and magazines or frames.

Let birds of the same feather flock together

Photo Credit: www.iheartnaptime.net

Photo Credit: www.iheartnaptime.net


Another quick fix you can use is to simply clump together all the clutter that belong to the same category. If you have papers or books lying around on your bed, place them on your work desk. If you have clothes lying around on your desk, place them in your laundry bin or in your closet. Just keep matching items with other items of the same category and put them together. It’s a very simple technique, but you’d be surprised to find your home organized without you noticing the time go by!

Align everything


Photo Credit: www.lushome.com


Last, but not the least, align your stuff to make it look like it’s a flat lay photo on Instagram! Instead of having items like a vase, a frame and books scattered on the living room table, you can stack up the books and align your vase, frames and books in one straight line or grid. If you have limited space, make sure that items are not diagonal to each other and instead are perpendicular to make it look more organized.

There you have it! Use these 5 surefire ways to make your home organized quickly and in no time at all. But if the mess is really getting too much though, and quick organizing just won’t cut it, you can employ the help of our trusted Gawin cleaners instead!