5 Tips On How To Spruce Up Your Rental Unit

Whether you may be a student, or just working far away from home- chances are you might have stayed in a rental unit, or are currently staying in one. Thing is, rental units can be lackluster and frankly- meh. With stark walls and the worst appliances possible, drill a hole in the wall or rip out the 1950’s wainscoting and you can say bye bye to your security deposit. But not all rental unit overhauls need to involve permanent fixes, here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you get your security deposit back.



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Mirrors are an easy way to make a small area seem bigger than it actually is. Full-length mirrors are great to put up at the end of hallways. Hang up a few mirrors with different frames to add some color and pizzazz to an otherwise blah wall. Just remember to use command tape and not drill holes in your walls!

Temporary Wallpaper

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Maybe your bathroom has some questionable stains on the wall, that is where temporary wallpaper will be your saving grace. These babies are easy to install yourself, and will not rip off paint when the time comes to tear it down.

Rugs, rugs, and more rugs

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Carpet looking a little threadbare from wear and tear? Kitchen tiles have cracks all over them? Throw a woven rug over it. Try to opt for a bigger rug for big spaces such as your living room to tie the room together and look a little more put together. Choose a rug with print to bring some life to the space.

Temporary Wall Mounds

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Want to put up a shelf but again, you just can’t drill holes in your walls! Check out temporary wall mounds, they’re usually adhesive and can are designed to carry heavy loads. So worry not, put up a shelf to display all your pretty knick knacks.

Invest In Good Furniture

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Hear me out, just because you don’t like your apartment unit, don’t punish yourself by getting bad furniture to go along with it. Plus, once your move out you can bring your furniture with you- so why not? Bookshelves are great for storage, and they’re a great focal feature of a room.

Not sure how to pull all these elements together? Or do you just need some help with a color scheme before you go through with redecorating your rental? Our Gawin.ph interior designers are only a click away, they’ll be able to help you with any queries you might have!

written by Sereena Low