5 Things You Need To Consider Before Moving To Your Own Place

Entering the real world is as scary as it sounds. Managing your time, your budget and even your work is definitely no joke. But it doesn’t have to be as intimidating – you just need to pause for a bit and take the time to thoroughly lay out the things you need to take care of. If moving out of your parents’ house is a big step you’re considering to take any time soon, tackle these five things to cover all bases.

1.  Your Finances

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Before anything else, ask yourself if you can afford the costs of living alone. Your monthly expenses would include not just the monthly rent, but also groceries, furniture, appliances, association dues, transportation, food, clothes, water, electricity and internet among others. You can begin by listing down the things you would need in your day-to-day, place a total cost estimate on these items and compare the sum with your salary. Ideally, you would still have some left to save and for disposable income (for emergencies, or even your occasional hang out).

2.  Dealing With Chores

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It’s not only budgeting your money that you should take note of, but also budgeting your time. When you’ll be living alone, expect to do chores around the house – cooking your own meals, doing laundry, cleaning, etc. Figure out first if you can handle these added responsibilities. But if your time really won’t permit and you really need to move because the long commute is draining you, you can always request for a cleaning service to help you out.

3.  Location

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This may be one of the reasons you’re considering moving out in the first place, but take note that if you want to get a place nearer to the central business districts, the rates go higher. A good strategy would be to strike a balance: maybe get a place that’s close to the CBD but not exactly in it. Or find a place that’s a little further from your workplace, but close enough that it’s only a 20-30 minute commute. Consider as well how near your new place is to hospitals, groceries and convenience stores.

4.  Roommates

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Another budget-friendly way to handle your finances would be to split the apartment or condo with someone. Ideally, this is someone you trust – one of your officemates, or one of your friends or relatives who needs the same condo specifications as you. You should also be mindful of the cons and pros of having a roommate – their habits, dividing chores, tidiness can be a factor. 

5.  The Unit Itself

clean and clutter-free room

Of course, with any big purchase, you ought to examine the unit itself. Try to scout a lot of options first before you decide on your final choice. When you examine the unit, look at how it’s built, the layout, lighting and the ventilation. You would want to make sure that it’s structurally sound, and the layout can fit you and your things. Plus points if it looks clean and tidy, because that means that the landlord really takes care of the unit.

Once you’ve got all of these down pat, and you’ve decided that it’s best that you move out, the next thing you would need is help moving your things and your furniture. It’s generally better to have a moving service help you out because it saves you precious time. Leave it to Gawin.ph’s movers and you won’t have a problem worrying about fitting all your things in a small car. Head on over to Gawin.ph to submit a request in just a few clicks!

written by Bea Luna