5 Summer Pests To Look Out For

Summer is coming and so are these pests. Well, as much as you’ll be out of your house for that nice summer glow, you will probably be seeing these pests sneaking into your room. Here’s why you’ll see more of them this time of the year, how you can prevent them from finding their way into your home, and how to get rid of them.



Going to the beach? These guys get blood thirsty during the dry seasons. Although their population dips during the summer, they’re sure to be coming for you in the dry heat.

Set up mosquito nets; light some mosquito repellents in and around your house; and, wear mosquito repellent lotion when you’re outdoors

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Fleas are active during this time of the year. Heat and vibrations signal little flea pupas to hatch, making summer a nightmare for both you and your pets this summer.

Check on your dog’s fur. Once you detect fleas, treatment, sprays, and oral medication are great preventions and treatments for fleas. As for the house? Sweeping wood floors and vacuuming your carpet weekly goes a long way.

Prep your home for the summer and submit a request for thorough cleaning.

The next three hate the heat. When it’s summer, it’s their time to cozy up into cool and humid sections of your house. You might want to make sure they don’t sneak their way into your house while you go on vacation.


Woman with handheld vacuum cleaning on sofa

These buggers are tough to get rid of. They don’t have a season and have intense tolerance. Not to mention, they can spread quick. Summer trips away from home can make them the worst welcoming gift. Vacuuming the bed bugs can be effective but you might need to get it treated. It can be tempting to do this alone and starve them but remember: they have intense tolerance.

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If there is anything you’ll be seeing sneaking into your house the most this time of the year, it will be ants. For the rest of the year, they’ll be more forgiving on food exposure but during the summer they will be looking for water sources. Clean after yourself and keep food exposure at a minimum. Avoid leaving out water close to nooks and crannies. And, properly dispose of trash daily.

And last but not the least — Cockroaches

5 Summer Pests To Watch Out For5

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They thrive in moisture and exposed old and rotten food. When on their feet, they’re sneaky little critters. It’s a tricky game of grabbing a can of pesticide and grabbing your slippers to smack them dead. But, when they fly? R-U-N.

You might want to tidy up more. Having cockroaches lying around the house is a clear sign your house hasn’t been cleaned properly.

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These pests are a nag when they find their way into your home. Luckily, the pest control experts on Gawin.ph have you covered. Submit a requests today so we can connect you with the best pest control service providers in Metro Manila.