5 Annoying Struggles Everyone Has While Moving

It is always fun moving into a new home, you get to redecorate, a different neighborhood, you might be closer to your favorite coffee shop, get away from the horrible traffic on the interstate, there are amounts of reasons to why you’re moving and it is always fun to start on a clean slate! What no one tells you is the struggles that happen when you’re moving, and it can be incredibly frustrating!

There are so many common problems that everyone faces when packing their lives up, here are some:

Bulky Furniture 

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Your bookshelf and study table may be disassembled, but what about bulky items like your mattress and couch? That is not going to fit in the backseat of your Prius, and breaking your back trying to haul your mattress down the stairs is simply not an option. These are key items that everyone has in their homes, and struggle to get out of their homes.

A Million Knick Knacks

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You might be an avid collector of antique porcelain ballerina figurines, or hoard books, you might have a bunch of odd shaped lamps, plates, cutleries, and more! Whatever it is, packing these things are so time consuming and on top of them, you have got to pack the fragile things in bubble wrap and 20 layers of newspaper, who has the time for that?!

Sealed Mystery Boxes

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What is in that box there labeled “Kitchen”? Is there anything fragile in this box here? Who packed the wedding china? More often than not, things will be misplaced and mispacked, and the only way to find it is to open every box. What a chore.

Not Enough Moving Boxes

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Sometimes you think you’ve gotten just the right amount of boxes to pack your things into, then surprise! You totally forgot about packing the cupboard you have at the corner of your kitchen filled to the brim with your pots and pans. Now your have to go out and get more boxes to pack them in, sigh.


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Should you use your friends pick up truck? Rent a small van? A large moving lorry? A shipping container? How many trips should you really make in between moving from Point A to Point B? All these questions and of course, how much should you spend on transportation?

On top of this, there are many more nuances that can happen before you move, and on moving day itself. Moving is a stressful ordeal, and it takes many days and weeks of planning in advance.

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written by Sereena Low