5 Simple Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Differently

Everyone usually celebrates Christmas Eve the same way – have dinner with the relatives (or friends), feast on Noche Buena after, open the presents and sleep in. But when it comes to New Year’s Eve, the main attraction are the firecrackers – whether you’ll light them up in front of your homes or watch them lit up the midnight sky. Of course, hornpipes are never absent on this special day too.

Filipinos have numerous ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. There are also traditional salubong must-do’s – wear red, have money in your pockets and oh, don’t forget to jump when the clock strikes 12 so that you’ll grow an inch taller! If you’re looking for a different way to celebrate it this year, check out some of our suggestions.

Movie Marathon

movie night Photo credit: flickr.com

What better way to reminisce the year that’s gone by than to go through the top blockbusters that hit the big screen this 2016? Get yourself a bowl of popcorn and pop open a bottle of wine (or beer) – spend your New Year’s Eve going on a movie marathon of your favorite 2016 flicks. 

Spend Time with Street Kids

Filipino street kids Photo credit: johninthephils.blogspot.com

Part of welcoming the new year is being thankful for the blessings as well as the experiences we’ve had this 2016. Whether you think the year has been too kind or a bit elusive, never forget to look back at the things that helped you grow this year. If you’re hoping to pay it forward or give back, prepare some gifts or simple meals to make street kids happy and have a bit of chat with them – you’ll surely remember those smiles on their faces.

Go Camping

tent area Photo credit: thepoortraveler.net

You don’t need to watch artificial lights shows to have a good time this New Year’s Eve. You can go camping with your family, barkada or partner for a more one-with-nature experience. Immerse in a vast blanket of stars while sipping a cup of warm cocoa amongst lush trees for a totally fresh New Year’s Eve celebration.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve From A Different Place

person watching fireworks display

Another way to welcome the New Year differently is by experiencing it from another perspective – witnessing it from another town or country. By doing this, you’ll get to know their popular traditions and also watch some of their amazing fireworks displays. Plus, it’s also a great chance to destress from the past year rediscover yourself and plan ahead what you’d like to do next.

Host An Intimate Gathering

clinking of wine glasses Photo credit: foodnetwork.sndimg.com

Get your close relatives together under one roof for a night to remember. You can have a simple get-together at your house or apartment, complete with a delectable food menu of family favorites, a selection of movies and games for the little ones, and a selection of fine liquor and memorable 2016 stories for the grown-ups.

Likewise, you can also spend the night with some of your close friends and best buds. Catch up on everyone’s lives, share some of your plans for the year, maybe another reunion with more people joining in?

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written by Bea Luna