5 Secrets to Achieving the Perfect Eyebrows for the Kilay-Obsessed

Gone are the days when women just know the basics of makeup – blending eyeshadows, getting the best lipstick shade, etc. Knowledge on basic tips levelled up to learning how to contour, using highlighters and concealers, and more importantly – having eyebrows that are on point. For the kilay-obsessed, eyebrows can either make or break a gorgeous look. In this article, we have listed down 5 secrets you need to know to always have eyebrows on fleek.

Find Your Face Shape

eyebrow face shape

Photo credit: hercampus.com

To know the best eyebrow shape for your face, you need to find out your face shape first. Pull your hair back and look closely in the mirror to see which of these face shapes closely resemble yours. Eyebrow shapes can make your face appear longer or shorter.

Know Your Eyebrow Type

eyebrow shapes

Photo credit: fashionlady.in

Aside from finding out the ideal eyebrow shape for your face, it’s also important to know your natural eyebrow type. Either due to genetics or over tweezing, eyebrows may be messy, too dark, sparse, very thin, or probably have a bald spot. If you don’t take this into consideration when fixing your brows, it can end up pretty badly. For every eyebrow type, there’s a different way to style them. Likewise, each eyebrow shape has also a corresponding message or meaning.

Tweezing and Trimming

eyebrow tweezing Photo credit: socialumiere.net

We all have different natural brow growth patterns. But thanks to tweezers and small scissors, we can pluck and trim those unwanted brow hairs. Once you’ve ruled out the eyebrow shape for your face, you can start plucking out and trimming those eyebrows. But if you’re afraid of over-plucking, pick up the eyebrow pencil and start shaping. Then, remove the hairs below and above the brow structure. Another important tip to keep in mind is to start plucking after taking a bath. That’s the way to avoid post-tweezing redness.

Fill In Those Eyebrows

eyebrow fill                     Photo credit: makeupgeek.com

Thicker, fuller eyebrows are the trend these days. Perfectly done eyebrows enhances your eye makeup and helps frame the entire face. And because eyebrows don’t naturally grow evenly, it’s important to fill in the gaps. Brow pencils and powders can certainly do wonders on your arches. Using an eyebrow pencil, make light strokes to fill in your brows.

Always Keep Them Neat and Clean

eyebrow trimming

Getting eyebrows in tip-top shape shouldn’t be occasional. You have to maintain the brow shape and keep those unwanted brow hairs out. And to regularly maintain its shape, always keep them neat and clean through plucking, trimming or threading. Even when you’re not in the mood or if you’re busy to get your eyebrows done at the salon, grooming is definitely a must to tame those eyebrows.

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written by Ronica Valdeavilla