5 Reasons Why You Need to Take Hot Showers Often

It might seem counterintuitive to take hot showers when you’re living in scorching hot Manila. In truth though, there are actually a lot of reasons why taking hot showers is good for you. Research has shown that hot showers provide a lot of health benefits – from clearer skin to relief from colds. Here are a few health benefits you can look forward to when you take hot showers regularly.

1.  Look Forward to Cleaner & Clearer Skin

close up of clear face Photo credit: beautimode.com

Anyone who’s had to work, live and commute in Metro Manila knows how much dirt and irritants come in contact with our skin everyday. These irritants don’t just glaze over our skin though – they clog up pores and stay there, creating pimples and blackheads.

However, if you take a hot shower, your pores will naturally open up so it can relieve itself of the heat. This is why you sweat on a hot day and this also allows for running hot water to wash away the dirt that is collected in your pores. This just means cleaning your face the natural way – minus the extra cost of facial cleansers!

2.  It Boosts The Body’s Immunity

girl taking shower

Heat acts as a stimulus for Heat Stress Proteins, which protects our cells from things that are considered stressful. So when our body undergoes stress the next time around, they’re better prepared to cope with it thanks to HSPs. With heat as HSP’s main stimulus, taking hot showers help produce more of these proteins – making your body more resilient!

3. Hot Showers Help You Relax

woman taking shower Photo credit: s3.amazonaws.com

Whether it’s because of a tough day at work or a presentation that didn’t go as planned, you can come home and unwind by taking a nice, long hot shower. Not everyone has the luxury of a bathtub to relax in, but a hot shower typically does the trick – and it definitely does the trick way better than a cold shower, which will just make you more tense.

4. Relieves Muscle Aches & Tension

close up of feet being soaked in water Photo credit: miamiveincenter.org

If you’re someone who regularly exercises, or if you’ve come from a long day of traveling and running errands, this can cause a strain on your muscles and leave them aching. While sleeping can help, you can speed up the process by taking hot showers too as the heat helps facilitate metabolic and chemical reactions necessary for muscle repair.

5. Helps Get Rid of Annoying Colds

close up of girl taking shower Photo credit: safetykart.com

Hot showers not only help you relax, but they also help you speed up clearing a cold because the steam and heat let your sinuses decongest. Turn your water’s temperature up enough to let the bathroom steam, but not too warm that you feel dehydrated or suffocated. Of course, taking a hot shower won’t clear your colds alone. If you need to see a doctor or must take medicines, it’s still advisable that you do so.

Hot showers may seem like they’re not a necessity, but they actually help you live a longer, healthier and overall better life. If you need assistance in installing a heater in your bathroom to start getting the health benefits of taking hot showers, Gawin.ph is here to help! We’ll connect you with plumbing and water heater installation service providers, and it all starts with submitting a request on our website.

written by Bea Luna