5 Quick and Simple Tips to Keep Your Closet Clutter-Free

Waking up early for work can already be a struggle especially if you’re not a morning person. But, nothing is as quite frustrating as sifting through a messy closet to put together today’s outfit. You have two options: wear that dress you just wore last week or look for that sheer top but be late for work. Yikes! You definitely need to fix that closet.

Having your clothes in disarray makes you look for your clothes longer than it should be, which can potentially stress you out first thing in the morning. If you want to turn your mornings around, here are some quick tips to keep your closet free of clutter.

Sort It

clutter-free closet by sorting an rearranging Photo credit: floortjeloves.com


The first step to decluttering your closet is to sort your clothes. Take them out of your closet, and segregate each item into four piles: those that you will definitely wear again, those you want to throw away (clothes too worn out that it would be difficult for anyone to wear, like old underwear), those you want to donate, and those you want to sell. This helps clear a lot of space for new clothes you want or need to buy, preventing your clutter from growing. (Plus, you get to earn a little bit by selling pre-loved clothes!)

Sort Again Then Rearrange

clutter-free closet by sorting Photo credit: jessicarobertsonline.com


Sort through the pile of clothes you want to keep – segregating them in ways that would be best for you. Ideally, you’d want to sort them based on how you put your outfit in order in the morning. So if it’s easier for you to find the clothes you want when it’s sorted by color, sort them that way. Another way to sort it is by the type of clothing it is. You can put together your underwear in one group, blazers in another, jeans in another, shirts in another and so on, and further arrange it by color per group afterwards.

Divide And Conquer

clutter-free closet by dividing clothes and items Photo credit: pinterest.com


Divide your closet into different areas where you can put your sorted clothes. By doing this, there would be designated places for where you put your clothes not only for now, but also for the future. For example, you can assign a drawer for your underwear and your hanger rack for your blazers, blouses and dresses. See if your newly sorted clothes fits in those areas. If they don’t, you can either trim down on the clothes you want to keep, or rearrange your assigned areas in your closet.

Use Space-savers

clutter-free closet by using space savers Photo credit: realsimple.com


What usually makes clutter is that there’s no room to sort your clothes properly, so you end up dumping them wherever so you can “deal with it later.” But in reality, this doesn’t work! To prevent a mess from happening, invest in space-savers like multipurpose hangers and undershelf baskets. These things are definitely a big help especially if you’ve got a small closet.

Make It A Habit

closet organized and clutter-free Photo credit: nymag.com


Keeping your closet clutter-free isn’t a one-time thing. As much as possible, try to make a habit out of it by consistently sorting out your clothes right when they come out of the laundry, and even when you buy new items. Keep like pieces together and avoid dumping clothes wherever, and you’re good to go.

Saying goodbye to your closet’s clutter may look like such a tedious task and habit to form, but it actually takes less than 15 minutes at a time to organize your closet – that is, if you don’t let piles form. The more you postpone ridding of the mess, the more the mess grows. Thus, the harder it is to sort through them. If your schedule is simply a bit too hectic to allot enough time to organize your closet, you can hire Gawin’s cleaning service providers at fixed rates. Alternatively, you  can enlist the help of our home renovation specialists who can help you install a new closet, so you can expand your wardrobe. Submit a request on Gawin in just a few clicks! 

written by Bea Luna