5 Quick And Easy Kitchen Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

Maybe you’ve started feeling more mature recently after moving into a new condo, or maybe you just want to up your game a bit in the kitchen. Well, whatever the case may be, knowing how to clean the kitchen is definitely a handy life skill to have. You never know when your date or your officemates (or your mom!) might pop in for a quick visit, so might as well keep it as presentable as can be. Use these 5 tips to keep your kitchen in tiptop shape.

1.  Clean Up Coffee Stains With Vinegar and Salt

kitchen coffee stain Photo credit: emlii.com

The vinegar and salt formula works for any kind of stain on your appliances actually, but most prominently with coffee stains. If you’re a heavy coffee drinker, you know how annoying it is to make coffee and have some spill onto your kitchen counters or stoves. To get rid of these stains pronto, mix vinegar and salt in a bowl or cup, dip tissue in the mixture, and wipe the affected surface.

2.  Clean the Microwave Instantly With Wet Paper Towels

microwave cleaningPhoto credit: lewisvillelove.net

Living alone usually means that you either cook or heat your own food (whether it’s take out or food you prepared earlier in the week), which means that you need to use the microwave a lot. This can lead to a lot of stains in your microwave that are admittedly hard to clean by hand. If you’re in a rush, place wet paper towels in the center of the microwave dish, set the timer for 3-5 minutes. The heated water from the towels will ease up the grime, then you can use the towels to clean it up.

3.  Keep Your Sponge Mold-free With Clips

sponge clipped on paperclip Photo credit: totalclean.co.uk

After long hours of cleaning your glasses and dishes, it might be tempting to just wash the sponge under running water and leave it on the sink to dry. This however, causes more problems in the long-run, because this leads to mold and you don’t want that on your plates, right? What you can do instead is use a paperclip on one of the sponge’s sides, and use the clip as a stand. Your sponge will dry faster this way too.

4.  Wash Your Blender – the Hassle-free Way

clean blender with dishwashing liquid Photo credit: today.com

If you’re a smoothie junkie, you know how much of a hassle it is to come home after a long day only to remember that you need to clean your blender for the following morning. Instead of cleaning this by hand (potentially injuring your fingers) you can instead pour water and a bit of dishwashing liquid, then turn on the blender for about 30 seconds. After that, all you have to do is rinse!

5.  Get Rid of Clogs Using Boiling Water

water going down the drain Photo credit: pinterest.com

Clogs blocking your sink from performing at its best are quite annoying, and they’re disgusting to clean. To get rid of this pesky problem in the easiest way, you can pour boiling water down your sink to get rid of the oil in the food causing the blockage, as it is the oil that causes the clogging in the first place. Feel free to use baking soda too to get rid of unwanted odors.

A clean kitchen is nothing less than a necessity – because this is where you prepare and cook your food. Keep in mind that a clean kitchen lessens the risk of you getting sick, which can cost you more in the long-run. But if you find that you don’t have time to spare and the kitchen needs some serious cleaning, you can request for thorough cleaning services at Gawin.ph. Log on to our website and we’ll help you find a professional cleaner for your kitchen cleaning needs!

written by Bea Luna