5 Places You Need For A Romantic Prenup Shoot

Hot local celeb couples’ prenup photos usually go viral as it gives us those #weddinggoals. We’ve seen Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo’s dreamy photos and even got kilig looking at Camille Prats’ prenup shoot in California. Whether you just got engaged (and in that case, a big congratulations to you guys!) or you’re simply dreaming of your very own prenup shoot, there are so many places to host it and so many themes to choose from that it might get overwhelming.

It doesn’t need to be, though. Getting engaged is definitely one of the most important milestones of life, and you deserve to celebrate it in a place that speaks about the love you share with your partner. Here are some places where you can have your romantic, one-of-a-kind prenup shoot.


couple kiss at the beach Photo credit: lovetrainstudios.com

Share kisses with your loved one while you get sun-kissed. Shooting your prenup photos on a beach gives a very fun, fresh and laidback vibe, and at the same time, you get to have an amazing backdrop of a sunrise (or sunset) with you in your photos. The blend of crystal clear waters with the sun’s rays plus the wind breeze truly makes for a romantic setting.

Historical Places

couple shot at Fort Santiago Photo credit: shyonfoot.com

There’s something about historical places that speak to your soul, and historical places are perfect if you want your shoot to give a very deep, meaningful, and nostalgic vibe, as if to reminisce the fruitful relationship you’ve had with your partner. You can choose between Vigan and Intramuros for  your perfect historical prenup shoots.

Art Museum

couple shot at pinto art gallery Photo credit: brideandbreakfast.ph

Your loving relationship is a masterpiece in itself, and deserves a backdrop that’s worthy of it! What’s cool about using art museums as your prenup shoot venue is that you can choose from many different themes that suit your taste. If you two visited an art museum during your earlier dates, having your prenup shoot there will remind you of the memorable firsts you have.

Open Grounds/ Nature

couple photo in UP Diliman Photo credit: primadoratravels.wordpress.com


If you want a prenup shoot that’s more calm and serene, having open grounds as your background would be a great idea. If you also want to venture into something more adventurous – like sporting an outdoorsy theme to represent your dynamic as a couple, for example – you can also do so with nature as your backdrop.

Concept Restaurants

prenup photo in concept restaurant Photo credit: rebelliousbrides.com

There are a lot of quirky and thematic restaurants that have come about in the Philippines, so you would definitely not run out of ideas here. You can have a rustic-themed prenup shoot in a rustic-themed restaurant, or you can have an edgier prenup shoot in one of the more chic and modern cafes. This is also a cute idea especially if you and your partner frequented any specific restaurant!

At the end of the day, you’d want to celebrate what you and your partner have through something that’s unique and truly meaningful to both of you. No matter where you choose to have your prenup shoot, what’s important is that you get to express your love for each other in this momentous occasion.

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written by Bea Luna