Stained Glass For Modern Homes? Absolutely!

When the sun streams through stained glass, it leaves a myriad of colors that dance on the surface it lands on, which has an ethereal charm to it. Historically, stained glass has been used mostly in churches and mosques, and important buildings. But we are now in the 21st century, and stained glass doesn’t just belong there. You can certainly incorporate this beautiful piece of art in your own home. And no, not just on a windchime in your backyard, here are some way a modern home can work in this kaleidoscope of colors:

source: Homesthetics

Don’t throw away your old windows, or if you find an old window at an op shop, upcycle! This upcycled stained glass window creates a division between the bathtub and sink, while also letting light filter through. It makes the space feel less cramped by allowing light to flow around the room, while also creating individual spaces.

source: Design-milk

This beautiful Victorian arch is placed in a modern setting with clean white walls and dark stained flooring. The contrast between of the traditional design gives the modern clean aesthetic a little more dimension. Can you imagine what those pristine white walls would look like when the sunlight streams through the glass? Gorgeous.

source: Home Design Board

Beams don’t have to be made of plaster or wood. This bathroom utilizes this simple stained glass number as a beam to create a division in the bathroom. Remember, stained glass doesn’t just belong on windows or doors, be creative!

source: Daltonaux

This little reading nook here uses stained glass in lieu of regular glass on the cabinetry. By using a simpler design and having recess lighting in the cabinet, it creates an illusion of openness in the space while also adding a little character to the room.

source: Houzz

Barn doors on their own are beautiful, and these doors certainly do serve as a focal point of a room given their size. By adding on a stained glass piece, this gives the piece a little more depth than just being a plain ol’ barn door.

Stained glass doesn’t have to be intensely colorful or funky to be considered stained glass. There are many kinds of stained glass from different regions and eras out there. In a modern home, you can most certainly use a piece that is more muted and toned down. In case you’re thinking of incorporating stained glass in your home, get one of’s trusted contractors to help you today!