5 New Year Resolutions To Make For Your Home

The start of the new year signals for the start of new adventures, exciting plans and another year of growth. Now that 2017 is nearing and you’re about to turn over a new leaf, you might be busy jotting down your 2017 goals and new year resolutions. Why not list down resolutions for your home too for the new year? Check out these home improvement ideas to get you started!

Zero Clutter

clean and clutter-free room

This 2017, why not aim for a clutter-free home? You can make it a house rule to leave no clutter lying around at any time during the day. This means that when they’re done using the item, they either dispose of it or they put it back where they found it. It’s a simple rule but it can save you a lot of time when you need to look for something or even when it’s time to do spring cleaning.

DIY Home Improvement Projects

person holding paintbrushes

Been wanting to make that gorgeous DIY bookcase for months now? Or maybe paint a fresh new color on the walls of your room? If you’ve been meaning to get around to doing your DIY home improvement projects, starting 2017 with actually getting time done might be a good idea. That way, you can finally cross these off your to-do list, and enjoy the home that’s truly fit for your taste!

Guest-ready Living Room

living room ready for guests

Maybe 2017 is all about building relationships – whether it be deepening your relationships with your loved ones or making new friends. If this is the case, creating a friendly and cozy space for guests to hang out in your lovely home can definitely help with this goal. This 2017, consider transforming your living room into a welcoming space – a place always ready for memorable moments with your guests.

A Five-star Bedroom

five-star bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary after a long, hard day from work. Why not turn it into a bedroom that mirrors those from a 5-star hotel? Adjust your lighting, invest in your mattress, pillows and beddings, and add a charming bedside table. You deserve a bedroom that helps you unwind from a stressful day.

A Kitchen Fit For Feasts

white kitchen

If you plan to host more parties or learn how to cook your favorite dishes more often, consider upgrading your kitchen – not just to fit more people, but to fit more action. Reorganize your kitchen contents, maybe install an updated stove or oven and get yourself some new cutlery. If you’re serious about food, 2017 can be the year you go all out with your kitchen!

The New Year isn’t just about closing the year that has gone by. It’s also about starting fresh, and adding more things to your life that can bring you happiness and well-being – whether it be healthier habits, or even that home redesign you’ve been meaning to get done.

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written by Bea Luna