5 Natural Scents For A Sweet And Clean Home

When cleaning the house, you don’t just get rid of the dirt around. You also hope to eliminate the nasty odor coming from these things. You’d get air fresheners but then realize its harsh, artificial, chemical-packed scents. Don’t worry ’cause there are natural scents that you can use to keep your house sweet-smelling and clean always. Plus, some of them have added benefits!


Citronella Natural Scents Photo credit: draxe.com

While citronella is known to repel mosquitos, did you know that the scent of citrus also prevents cats from scratching your furniture or going on to certain places? Citronella is a common scent and easily procured from a drug store or a perfume store. It contains citric acid which can also help in cleaning certain tabletops and other places to prevent ants from being attracted to the food spills. Mix it with some baking soda and distilled water to make yourself a deodorizer.

Green Tea

Green Tea Natural Scents Photo credit: i.ndtvimg.com

If you’ve got pets at home, putting some green tea leaves in the litter box can remove the odor that’s plaguing your house. Best part is, green tea has a calming effect especially for those who are constantly stressed and need some form of relaxation. Green Tea, when stewed and mixed with a bit of hot water, releases a leafy smell that will give your house a refreshing scent.




Say goodbye to that annoying garbage scent with lemons! Lemon peels emit a strong scent and the acids from the lemon’s juice can break down certain chemicals that create that pungent smell. While some people put it down the drain to melt all the muck and dirt clinging to the pipes, squeeze the leftover juice into the garbage can and let the lemony scent do its work. 


vanilla natural scents

For a more soothing and calming effect, Vanilla is definitely one of the scents to go for. Vanilla has a more milky taste and can create a soothing environment, especially when their oils are smeared on the light bulbs. Get a Q-tip and dab it in some vanilla oil. Swab the oil on the light bulbs in a lamp. And when you turn it on, the heat of the light bulbs will trigger the vanilla scent and have your home smelling like milk in no time.


Chamomile Natural Scents Photo credit: livestrongcdn.com

Chamomile is a tea leaf known to relieve one of stress as it soothes the mind and senses. That’s because it’s a relaxing scent can help you sleep better. When you brew yourself a cup of chamomile tea, it’s the scent that helps you relax. To get the best benefit from chamomile, place the scent in your pillow to help you sleep better especially when one is suffering anxiety problems.

A clean and sweet-smelling home can do a lot for one’s mood. It won’t only help you breathe in a fresh scent but also makes the place feel less stuffy. This helps you calm down, relax, and be more mindful of the place around you.

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written by Katherine Gohu