5 Must-Have Decorations For This Christmas

Struggling to find ideas on how to decorate your living room before your upcoming Christmas party? When it comes to Christmas parties, it is undeniable that your guests’ impression relies on the way you decorate. Here are some Christmas decoration ideas that you might want to take note of to wow your guests.

  1. Miniatures

If you feel stockings, mistletoes, and snow globes are too mainstream, now it’s time to do miniatures! The best part about miniatures is you can also use your kids’ toys as part of your decoration and you can put them almost anywhere including on top of your fireplace and underneath your Christmas tree. Everyone at the party will definitely be mesmerized by your decorating game!

2. Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree itself should never be skipped when you celebrate the 25th of December. The best part of using a Christmas tree is that you can go for any theme and can be as creative as possible. Add some wrapped gifts underneath your Christmas tree and your kids will definitely love it! But, keep in mind that your Christmas tree theme should match your living room theme as well. 

3. Christmas lights

Christmas is all about being happy and bright, so you should combine the mood with lots of lights in your living room! Keep in mind that light decorations are not only for your Christmas tree, but you can also definitely experiment on your surroundings, such as your window, clock, even chandelier! For a warm and luxurious feel, switch your living room lights off and light a candle. If you need some professional lighting installation for your home, our lighting installation service might be your solution to slay this Christmas. 

4. Cinnamon candles

For a pinch of romance, lighting cinnamon candles are perfect for tabletops! Fun fact, you can actually make your own cinnamon candles! All you need is some cinnamon sticks, superglue, candles, ribbons or rope. 

5. Build a gingerbread house

Forget hanging cookies, take your baking and decorating game to the next level. Gingerbread houses can be part of your Christmas party snack and can also be used as a decoration on top of your table along with other Christmas miniatures. 

If you have issues on decorating your house or office, our interior design consultancy is definitely your solution to slay this Christmas. Book now!