5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make On Your Wedding

The wedding day is one of the most important milestones in anyone’s life. In fact, for some people, they’ve been looking forward to this day since they were little kids! Some might have already imagined how they’ll look like or where the wedding will take place.

It’s no surprise, then, that a lot of preparations come with it. From making sure that your gown resembles the gown of your dreams to to double-checking the reception menu and ensuring that the food is nothing short of delicious. Every effort, whether big or small, truly helps in turning a fantasy wedding into reality. And because there’s a lot to work on and think about, it’s fairly easy to miss out on something along the way. Try to avoid these five deadly mistakes during the preparations or even on your wedding day.

1. Sporting A Look That Doesn’t Make You Feel Beautiful

Make-up artist doing make up for young beautiful bride applying wedding make-up


Your wedding day is your day! All eyes will be on you and your beau as you exchange vows and celebrate your love on this special day. You deserve to feel beautiful and radiant, without having to worry if you did your makeup right or if your hair is unkempt. Make sure that you and your bridesmaids have your hair and makeup done by tried-and-tested professionals. 

2. Failing to Capture the Best Moments

wedding videographer documents bride and groom

Imagine coming home from your wedding only to realize that you have no photos to file in an album or no videos to re-watch! Don’t let your wedding day fade away from memory. It’s a momentous occasion full of laughs, tears, and memorable once-in-a-lifetime moments that you’ll surely want to look back even as you get older. Get the best photographers and videographers and watch your wedding day transform from a one-day event to a story of a lifetime.

3. Forgetting to Invite Important People

wedding invitations Photo credit: dhresource.com

This is not to say that you’re likely to send out invitations at all – but a deadly mistake you can make is forgetting to invite certain people. What about your college roommate who helped you and your husband-to-be cross paths? Or what about your aunt whom you were close to when you were a kid and wanted to see you get married at the altar? Remember to have a clear, documented list of people you want to celebrate with. It’s not wise to trust your memory with this – you have a lot more to think about!

4. Messing Up the Reception

wedding reception Photo credit: pinterest.com

The wedding proper is a unique occasion in itself, but the reception is where everyone gets to really have fun eating, dancing, meeting new people, and celebrating your new milestone with you. A lot of things can go horribly wrong in a reception. You could choose the wrong music, or witness guests leave as food preparation goes terribly wrong – how embarrassing! While planning for this, you might feel overwhelmed, and that’s completely understandable. Make sure to enlist the help of trusted caterers who’ll ensure to serve good food to your guests.

5. Turning Up Late to Your Own Wedding

Rear view of bride walking into church Photo credit: i.huffpost.com

This is truly one of of the – if not the most – embarrassing things that can happen to you during your wedding! While the party obviously can’t start without you, being late to your own wedding will leave you breathlessly running down the aisle, and you don’t want that to be the lasting memory your guests will have. Moreover, you wouldn’t want your beau to think that you’ve left him at the altar.

Your wedding day is truly one of the most unforgettable events in your life. Investing time, money and effort into it will make your wedding one for the books. But if there’s anything you have a hard time doing yourself, you can always enlist the help of people who are more experienced. Enlist the help of those who have done this numerous times before – videographers, photographers, and caterers. Log on to Gawin.ph to submit a request and we’ll link you to the right people who’ll help you plan your dream wedding!

written by Bea Luna