5 low-maintenance indoor plants

Considering an upgrade for your indoor space? There’s a wide array of plants that are able to thrive indoors with minimum care and bring benefits to your space such as improving the indoor air quality. Decorate your neutral space by adding some greenery with indoor plants for a touch of nature and a pop of colour. Here are 5 low-maintenance indoor plants that can be easily managed without a green thumb or extensive gardening knowledge.

1. Spider plant

Spider plants are the best beginner plants as they are resilient and can thrive with minimal, indirect sunlight and weekly watering. They are great air purifying plants that can remove indoor air toxins such as formaldehyde that can lead to respiratory problems after long exposure. 

2. Snake plant

Snake plant is a succulent plant with leaves that are hard and stiff. They are known to be “plants that are hard to kill” as they can thrive even in limited lighting and dry conditions. Also a natural air purifier, snake plants can filter the indoor air and oxygenate the space at night. You can easily propagate them to multiply and place them in corners of your home to liven up the space!

3. Philodendron

Philodendron leaves are generally large and glossy, giving the space a natural tropical jungle vibe. To care for a philodendron plant, simply place them near a bright space for moderate indirect sunlight and water them occasionally.

4. Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo symbolises luck and prosperity in Feng Shui and makes a great houseplant or office plant. If you’re looking for a fuss-free, soil-free indoor plant for a luscious addition to your space. Lucky bamboo is the go-to plant. To grow lucky bamboo plants soil-free, simply stick them in a vase with filtered water, place them in indirect sunlight and change the water occasionally to avoid algae growth. 

5. Cactus

Also known as an “impossible to kill” plant, a cactus can survive in neglect unless you’re an over-waterer!  As a desert plant, they love dry conditions, able to thrive under bright sunlight or indirect light. 

Here we have 5 low-maintenance plants that can be easily cared for even if you’re living among the hustle and bustle of a city to give your space a touch of greenery!

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