5 Gorgeous Home Ideas By Gawin Interior Designers

Redesigning a house is surely something any homeowner enjoys. From the bedroom to the kitchen and every other room in between, there are a lot of ways you can make your home look brighter, more rustic, or completely new and classy.

When looking for house design inspirations, look no further than our very own. Check out these fabulous looks crafted by the Philippines’ very own interior designers available on Gawin and feel free to use these ideas for your next renovation project!

Modern Wooden Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Photo credit: Add Ons Architectural Design

Installing wooden cabinets for your kitchen entails a chic and modern look, especially if you use darker shades of wood. The unpainted, natural wooden cabinets are a fresh sight from the usual colored kitchen cabinets that are in various homes. Match darker wood with lighter countertops such as white granite tops, and lighter wood with darker countertops. You can also give your wall a splash of color if you’re matching it with plywood cabinets.

Refreshing Mint Green

Photo credit: JAG Design

Mint green is one of the most relaxing wall colors, and makes a nice accent wall for bedrooms. This shade instantly puts you in a serene mood. For a more relaxing effect, pair it with lighter, more muted palettes like pastels or eggshell white.

Black And White Is Classic

Photo credit: Lionel Sanchez

You can never go wrong with black and white. From classic and traditional, to fashionable and modern, whatever your interior design’s style is like, black and white is always a good idea. The key is to not put too much black, especially on big surfaces like walls, ceilings and floors. You want to keep the majority of your room white, while accentuating the details in black.

High Ceilings For That Elegant Finish

Photo credit: Lionel Sanchez

No matter how small a room is in floor size, a high ceiling can make it look elegant instantly because it gives an illusion of space. Decorate your high ceiling with dangling and accent lights – you can go for a classic chandelier, or for more avant-garde styles of lighting.

Contemporary Bathrooms

Photo credit: boxform.com

Definitely a surprise to anyone who visits your bathroom for the first time! Using contemporary interior design styles for your bathroom gives it a character that no one has seen before – moreover, a character that speaks your style and makes you feel at ease in your own bathroom. Enjoy some well-deserved R&R with a few eccentrically colored walls here and there, coupled with vintage furniture that you just wanted to take home but had no idea where to put. (Now you do!)

Like what you saw? There’s more where that came from! After you’ve chosen the design you want, you can hire an interior designer through Gawin to help you customize the design to fit your house perfectly, and then enlist the help of a home renovation specialist to help you make it happen – all of which you can do for free with a simple click!

written by Bea Luna