5 Furniture Pieces You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of

Moving into a new house or perhaps even just giving your current home a makeover is a big step, and understandably a scary move as well. Aside from worrying about what the next theme of your decors would be, you could be wondering whether it’d bring bad luck if you bought certain kinds of furniture – especially antiques. 

There are many superstitious beliefs surrounding decorating a house, and this could lead you to being afraid of using certain furniture pieces at home. This shouldn’t be the case though – even if there are superstitions surrounding these items. If they would go really well with your house and make it more appealing, you should go for it.

Large Mirrors

large mirrors scary furniture pieces Photo credit: pixball.com

There are many superstitions surrounding mirrors. In fact, it’s been an object of bad luck in many narratives – from fairytales like Snow White to your typical horror movies. Almost everyone knows of the infamous seven years of bad luck you get when you break a mirror. And even when it’s not broken, legend has it that mirrors steal someone’s soul and trap it inside. Others, however, believe that mirrors serve as portals to the other world.

However, there’s definitely a great advantage of using large mirrors. It actually helps create the illusion of a bigger space. As it reflects more light (both natural and otherwise), it gives people in the room a more visual space. Use large mirrors at home to transform dull, cramped spaces – like perhaps if you’ve got a small living room.

Rocking Chairs

rocking chairs scary furniture pieces Photo credit: rk.pbimgs.com

Rocking chairs are said to invite unwanted, malicious spirits into your home to come sit on the chair. In particular, according to the Irish folklore, rocking an empty rocking chair is what does the trick.

But don’t get scared by this belief – especially since rocking chairs make great additions to any porch. Imagine having a warm sip of tea or coffee in a windy afternoon with a loved one while sitting on rocking chairs. Don’t miss out on that just because of a superstition!

A Ladder Shelf

ladder shelf scary furniture piece Photo credit: rk.weimgs.com

They say that walking under a ladder brings bad luck. Ladders are believed to resemble gallows of the medieval times wherein people were hanged. The belief is that when someone walks under it, he would face his death by hanging.

However, that’s no reason for you to be afraid of installing a ladder as a bookshelf at home. Not only is it cost-efficient, but it makes for a lovely DIY project too. There are many ways you can do this – leaning it against the wall, or spreading a two-sided ladder and adding planks of wood horizontally on the steps. Paint it your way then decorate it with flower vases, books, frames, and the like.

Antique Decors

antique decors scary furniture pieces Photo credit: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

Wary of antique decors bringing in bad luck and foreign spirits from the past? This kind of superstitious belief can stop you from adding that adorable or classic antique into your lovely abode. Sure, it’s an old turntable from the mid-1950’s – but that’s exactly the point!

Some antique finds are quite rare and beautiful, and you’re sure that its makers don’t create such things anymore. Furthermore, antique designs usually add a more home-y feel to any space, so put your worries aside and go for that antique you’ve been eyeing for so long.

Huge Cabinets and Drawers

large cabinet furniture piece Photo credit: antiquepurveyor.com

Having huge cabinets or drawers may seem like a bad idea. Based from almost every horror movie, the protagonist usually has a bad encounter with huge cabinets where a person or supernatural entity can fit in.

But in the nonfiction world, huge cabinets and drawers are not only cost-efficient in keeping your items in place. They make for great decorative pieces too. Aside from your door, your large cabinets can be one of the first few things that a person’s eyes gravitate towards upon entering a room. So, you should definitely think about decorating the cabinet (painting fun, anyone?) or even rearranging it inside the room.

Sometimes superstitious beliefs became as such because of logical reasons. For example, it’s said to be bad luck when you have broken clocks at home, but really, it’s just pushing you to fix your clock or replace it to avoid mishaps like misreading the time.

While that is the case, superstition will remain just that – a superstition. Don’t let it stop you from making your home the most beautiful it can be! Should you need assistance in your home’s makeover, you can always enlist the help of verified service providers at Gawin. In just a few clicks, avail of services of interior design specialists – and home renovators who’ll guarantee the best for your home. 

written by Bea Luna