5 Fun Things To Do While At Home

Sitting at home, just finished your daily routine and fixated on what you should do next? We’re here to help. Here are 5 things you can do while on lockdown. 

1.Cooking new recipes 

Due to the lockdown, you might be noticing some hidden talents you never knew you had, such as being a pretty good cook. With the number of groceries you have piled up you are left to fend for yourself and be innovative with your meals. If your groceries are scarce you can try looking at recipes on 4 ingredients, simple cooking with guaranteed only 4 items required but if you’re feeling a little fancy you can opt for Allrecipes

2.Redecorate the room

Bored with the atmosphere of your room? Probably time to redecorate! You can start with simple changes such as the direction of the bed, looking up some basic Fengshui to bring in some good energy, or adding some inspirational decor such as quotes or some of your artwork, make your room, you again. 

3.Home Workout 

You have no more excuse for why you can’t exercise. With the current lockdown, you can do simple workouts to help you stay limber and healthy. You can set targets for the next few days, focusing on different parts of the body, for example, leg day one, core day two and so on, before you know it you’ll be looking fit as a fiddle after the lockdown period.  

4.Catch up on some series

There are a lot of new Korean dramas that you can watch online during this partial lockdown and they are definitely binge-worthy. With plenty of free time at home, you can even finish a whole TV series in a day. Korean dramas that are currently trending right now is Crash Landing on You and Itaewon Class just to name a few, both are currently streamed on Netflix. Remember not to overdo it and get enough rest as well! 

5.Catch up on your hobbies you’ve neglected

Catching up the neglected hobby can be an interesting choice of activities to overcome the boredom of having quarantine at home. Now is the right time to have fun with your hobby again. singing, playing your favourite musical instrument, painting or other hobbies, now you can make it a routine to be even better at it. You can also make your hobbies as content on your social media, like on Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube.

Time flies when you are having fun, so be sure to book your disinfection service so we can help you get your home germ and virus free after the lockdown to keep your home clean and healthy, this will truly help our service providers.