5 Fast Ways To Cool Down

Sometimes the heat can be a tad overbearing and it may see that nothing we do can keep us cool, but fret not if this is your case. Here are 5 ways to cool down and beat that heat.
1) Drink lots of water (Cold Water)

I know what you may be thinking, tell me something I don’t know. This may sound simple but it is one tip that is guaranteed to cool you down during a hot day. The cold liquids rehydrate the body by cooling it internally thus lowering your body temperature.

2) Dip Your Feet In An Ice Bucket

Did you know not only will this keep you cool but it is good for you! Not only does it decrease the effects of humidity and heat but it also eases sores and aches. What a great addition to keeping cool. Human one, heat zero.

3) Ice Packs On Your Pulse points

When the heat gets too much to bear, just grab some ice packs from the freezer and put them on your pulse points such as the neck, wrist, chest and temples. These spots release the most heat from the body and putting ice packs on it will reduce the body’s temperature greatly.

4) Go For A Swim (When It’s Safe)

Of course, during Covid, swimming may be off-limits for now. However, do keep in mind the amazing benefits of swimming. Not only do you keep cool for a long time but you get a good workout as well. Cool baths and showers is a great alternative to this and safer at this moment.

5) Switching On Your AC!

Last, but not least. One of the most effective ways to keep cool is switching on your aircon. With just a press of a button, you can lower your body temperature, and also share the coolness with those around you.

If you need help with maintaining the coolness of your aircon, be sure to book our service providers now! Inclusive of a 30-day workmanship warranty if unsatisfied.