5 Expert Tips On How to Clean and Maintain Your Aircon Units

These days, the weather is quite unpredictable. While the months are expected to be a rainy/cold season, there are times that you’d think twice if summer arrived early. We may not consistently use our window aircon units but it doesn’t mean we have to skip its cleaning and maintenance. Just like any appliance at home, it needs utmost care to maintain its performance for long-term use.

Gawin.ph vendor Eduard Asuncion, who specializes in window air conditioning cleaning and repair services, recommends to have your window aircon units cleaned and checked once in a while. Below are some of his cleaning aircon tips to keep in mind. These are useful for both cassette and split type cleaning aircon !

Schedule Cleaning of Aircon Filters

window aircon cleaning unit Photo credit: sylvane.com

Aircon filters should be cleaned regularly. This is a must because such filters are prone to dirt, dust and allergen particles. When filters are dirty, the air flowing through it is expected to be dirtier and dustier – thus may pose health problems such as allergies and asthma symptoms. Which is why aircon filter cleaning is so important! You may clean it yourself using a solution made up of warm water and white vinegar.

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According to Eduard, maintenance of aircon units should be done at least every six months. “Don’t wait for a yearly maintenance as the unit’s problem/s could likely get worse,” he suggested.

Clean the Condenser Coils And Water Pan to Prevent Molds

window aircon coils Photo credit: mrright.in

Uncleaned aircon filters may affect the unit’s evaporator and condenser coils. To prevent impaired functions, make sure to clean these coils too. To clean the coils, use a soft bristle brush and a spray of house cleaner to remove the dirt and dust. However, be extra careful not to bend the coil fins. Afterwards, using warm water and white vinegar solution, clean the water pan or base of the unit. These are necessary to prevent the growth of molds.

Inspect the Aircon Unit Regularly

window aircon unit Photo credit: marco.org

Aside from the filters, it is also necessary to check the unit’s components – wiring, switch and condenser fan. Replace the fan blades should there be cracks and check if the fan motor bearings must be oiled. It’s also best to check if the thermostat is working properly in keeping your house at the right temperature. Also, look for any possible sign/s of overheating.

When Troubles Arise, Have It Checked First

window aircon unit cleaning Photo credit: i.ytimg.com

The usual problems in window aircon units are ice build-up and when it keeps turning on and off. Before throwing it out or consider buying a new unit, have it checked first. Eduard said that such problems may be fixed through cleaning or repair services.

Consider Buying An Aircon Unit After 5 Years of Usage

new window aircon unit Photo credit: gurgaonrepairservice.com

But, if you have been using the aircon unit for almost five years, it’s time to get yourself a new aircon unit. Well, the unit has served you well for quite a long time and chances are, the problems keep coming back. With repairs every now and then, it’s more cost-efficient if you’ll buy a new unit. Moreover, Eduard added that five-year-old aircon units are most likely to consume more power. Hence, probably the reason behind the high electricity bills.

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Cleaning and properly maintaining your window aircon units are necessary in helping you save money and energy. If you find it troublesome on cleaning the unit or unsure of the repairs needed, seek help from professional aircon specialists. Head on over to Gawin.ph and submit a job request. In a few clicks, we’ll link you to the right expert in a jiffy!

written by Ronica Valdeavilla