5 Easy Ways To Make Your Homes Attractive To Buyers

Once you have decided to sell your home, it would bode you well if you knew a thing or two in making your home more attractive to your buyers. Knowing what to incorporate and what improvements to make can significantly increase its resale potential. While doing a total overhaul might not exactly be possible nor practical, there are a few steps you can undertake to make sure your home would reach its real market potential. And the best thing about these tips is the fact that you can even do most of them over the weekend.

If you are looking to entice people into buying your home, it will help if you did a little tweaking to make them see the real beauty of your home. In today’s competitive housing market, a little attention to details and a bit of effort goes a long way. And if you want to hold your end in the competition, here are some ways you can do that just that:

Be Objective


One thing that you should put at the forefront of your mind is that your potential homebuyers would not see your home the same way you do. You may have developed a sense of sentimentality and attachment to your homes over the years that would impair your ability to give your homes an appropriate price. Unfortunately, this sentimentality is exactly what your potential buyers lack and while you might be willing to price your home at a certain amount, your buyers might not exactly be so receptive to that. Instead, be objective and try to see your homes from your buyer’s perspective. From there, appropriately set a price for your home.

First Impressions Matter

Wheelbarrow alongside a newly planted flowerbed with colorful yellow celosia seedlings in plastic packets waiting to be transplanted into the soil by the landscaper

One of the most crucial things you have to consider when selling your home is the fact that you will never get a second chance at making a first impression, so make sure you do all that you can to make your first chance count. If your property has a lawn, you might want to take this opportunity to increase your curbside appeal by having a well-maintained fence, driveway, mailbox, etc. Though your buyers would hardly take a tour on your lawn, it would be the first thing they see and would likely give them an impression of what kind of home awaits them.


living room

While it is customary to do some sprucing up before your buyers check out your homes, a routine and superficial cleanup would hardly do. You want to make your house look at its absolute best, and if it is littered with clutter all over, your buyers can hardly appreciate how roomy it truly is. Before your buyers are slated to visit for an inspection, remove clutter and put it in a storage. This would include oversized furniture, large appliances, and personal items such as photographs, magazines and the like that would be taking too much space.

Freshen Up Your Walls With A Coat of Paint

Painted White color for new house

If you can manage and if you have enough time, apply a fresh coat of paint to your walls, and you will notice how it significantly impacts the overall look. To make sure you do not choose the wrong colors, go with neutral shades as these will make your home appear more spacious. Additionally, this will give prospective buyers a blank canvas which they can use to visualize what they would want to do with a particular room.

Do the Necessary Repairs

Hands of professional Plumber with a water tap and wrench.

Your buyers would not want to buy a home wherein they have to get something fixed before they can consider it livable. Considering this line of thought, it would be best if you repaired all of the broken items in your homes and gave it a little TLC. Fix anything that is off its hinges, replace faucets and broken tiles, repair the holes in the walls, etc. Once you have fixed everything that is in need of fixing in your homes, your buyers will get the impression of a well-maintained home.

Making your homes attractive by getting necessary repairs and improving certain aspects don’t have to be stressful and time-consuming. Should you need assistance in your renovation needs, head on over to Gawin to get connected to trusted home renovation specialists, plumbers, and professional cleaners in just a few clicks!

Guest Author: Dominique is a blogger and also a big fan of anything about interior designing, writing home decor tips and guides specifically. He is currently blogging for Amaia Land, developer of estates and condos in Manila Philippines.