5 Easy Tricks To Turn Your Home From Negative To Positive

Coming home from a long day to a cozy house can truly brighten your mood – the aroma of sweet candles coupled with a reassuring sense of comfort can turn any frown upside down. A lovely interior can boost your spirits. Similarly, a dull and dirty one can bring you down.

There are many ways to bring out your home’s good characteristics. You can spruce up your rooms by rearranging some furniture, or you can totally change up the interior with a brand new design. If you want to boost the good vibes in your home and add a little bit more optimism into the mix, here are 5 tips for you to get started.

Lighting Is Everything

New Darlings pretty dining areaPhoto credit: newdarlings.com

When it comes to infusing cheeriness into your home, lighting is your best friend. You can invest in adding more windows to darker rooms to let natural light in and adjust the artificial lighting in rooms that look dull by adding more orange. Keep your lights at the right amount, though – too dark and no color would dampen your room into dinginess, and too bright would be blinding. In addition, natural light during the day has been proven to reduce stress levels.

Choose Pleasant Colors That Complement Each Other

dining roomPhoto credit: cdn-homedesigning.com

Boosting optimism through home decoration doesn’t mean that you immediately color your walls the brightest shade of neon or yellow that you can find – likewise, it doesn’t mean randomly matching browns with greens. If you must repaint, switch your walls to a welcoming color like cream while coupling it with lively furniture. Avoid the darker palettes like blacks, grays and darker shades of violets and blues.

Splash Some Color On Your Furniture Too

lovely living roomPhoto credit: goodhousekeeping.com

This is usually the fun part. You can redecorate and add more colorful selections like bright yellow chairs or a quirky table, or maybe even an eccentric vase and a few paintings here and there. Make sure these all fit your personality though, as you’d light up more when the room reflects what you like.

Add Life To Your Home

home plants
Photo credit: homegoid.com

Studies show that decorating your home with plants can really help lift the mood. Something as simple as adding a vase of flowers as a table centerpiece, or maybe even a potted plant in the corners of your living room, will completely change the way your home looks. If you want to do something bigger and perhaps expand into making a full-fledged backyard – perfect for alfresco dining – you can get inspiration and help from a few pals who are amazing at garden landscaping here.

Create A Positive Social Setting

colorful living room
The most optimistic houses have interiors designed especially to allow social interaction – after all, what lights up a room isn’t just what furnishes it but the ones who share memories in it. You can have wide spaces with carpets and beanbag chairs, or a few couches arranged so people can easily talk to one another. In spaces like your kitchen, you can remodel the space so that more people can join in, too. The more, the merrier!

Clean Your Space

clean dining area

A clean home is one big step toward optimism! Dirty and cluttered spaces actually affect the mood, so try not to skip the important chores such as cleaning the dishes, sweeping and vacuuming the floors, doing the laundry, and so forth.

Of course, there are plenty of things you can do to make your home brighter and happier. Start with something as easy as cleaning and de-cluttering, and go for a total makeover with the help of Gawin interior designers. Or if you have something in mind already, get a home renovation specialist to help you out! It’s never too late to turn your dull house into a lively sanctuary!

written by Bea Luna