5 Easy and Creative Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Table

It’s almost Christmas! It seems everything is almost set – food for Noche Buena, gifts for the kids placed under the Christmas tree as well as games for the families and guests. The living room area is also well-prepared to gather everyone. The kitchen may still be quite messy but then the dining room area looks clean yet plain to the eyes. You’d wonder, how can I make it more appealing?

Well, you still have a few hours to prepare! Surprise everyone with your crafty skills by decorating your Christmas table and dining area in 5 easy ways.

Hang A Wreath Chandelier

christmas wreath chandelier Photo credit: homedepot.com

Want a stylish centerpiece to instantly catch the attention of guests? Make your own wreath chandelier and hang it at the center. For this idea, you’ll only need a Christmas wreath, wires, and Christmas ornaments (whichever you prefer) to start decorating. Choose a theme or select matching colors for an attractive wreath chandelier.

Bring Out the Fancy Plates

fancy-plate-setting Photo credit: wisegeek.com

Remember those fancy plates you purchased for your collection? You’re probably waiting to use them for a special gathering and now’s the perfect time to bring them out! You don’t want to let guests use that plate with a crack, right? Plus, these fancy plates can instantly add a design to your plain-colored table cloth.

Make Some Napkin Trees

handmade-christmas-christmas-tree-napkin-folding-hero Photo credit: tescoliving.com

Christmas decors don’t need to have a lot of details in its designs. If you think you have more time to prepare the dinner table, get crafty and fold some napkin Christmas trees. It’s quick and simple to do and you’ll have a stunning decoration to your Christmas table in no time. There are various video tutorials available on the web on how to create these napkin Christmas trees.

Mix In A Glass

christmas ornaments in a large bowl Photo credit: centralroost.com

If you’re in a hurry, this mix in a glass decor would work for you! Just get a large, transparent bowl and throw in some Christmas ornaments. Mix the stylish glittery balls with acorns – you can even add some chocolates and candies for kids!

Throw In Christmas Colors

Elegant holiday table setting with red ribboned gift Photo credit: savingdinner.com

Any plain-looking dinner area will brighten up with Christmas colors around it. Throw in shades of bright red, green, and some glittery gold or silver decors or dinnerware. Make use of ribbons and use them as decorations on or around the table. Put in some decorative candle too for a more solemn and intimate dinner with your family and guests.

Love the crafty Christmas-y look you’ve come up with? The dining room area doesn’t have to always look plain and boring. You can always mix up things to decorate the place whether there’s a special occasion or not. If you’re looking into upgrading the look of your dining room area permanently, get help from Gawin’s trusted home renovation specialists and interior designers. Head on over to Gawin to submit a job request and we’ll send you free quotes to help you compare and hire the professional of your choice.

written by Ronica Valdeavilla