5 Decorating Tips Inspired by Gigi Hadid’s New York Apartment

When styling up your humble abode, you want to make sure that it doesn’t only speak your style – but is appealing to the eye as well. Of course, this is easier said than done. But fret not, because Gigi Hadid’s gorgeous New York City apartment is something we can all learn a thing or two from. Whether you’re looking for pegs for a posh and luxurious celebrity home or a cozy, western-style loft, Gigi’s apartment gives a few interior design tips and tricks we can apply anywhere, for any apartment.

Keep It White and Clean

Gigi Hadid White Walls Apartment Photo credit: pinterest.com

Gigi’s apartment is embellished with white walls – giving it a fresh and sophisticated look. Painting your walls white makes your apartment look brighter and cleaner, while at the same time allows you to mix and match color palettes with your furniture. White is a timeless color so you won’t have a problem should you wish to redecorate in the future.

But, no matter how your furniture looks like or how big your room is, anything untidy is an automatic eyesore. More than the design and style, what makes an apartment attractive is its cleanliness. Of course, white walls aren’t enough to get the clean look you’re going for. You’d need to maintain a regular cleaning schedule and keep your things neat – an unblemished white wall with a messy room is still a messy room. For some spring cleaning, request for a cleaning service at Gawin!

Windows Are Everything

Gigi Hadid Apartment Windows Photo credit: Instagram.com/emmasittig

More often than not, a sophisticated apartment features a sizeable window that features scenery from the outside – a sunny horizon during the day, and a starry, city-lit sky at night. This makes for a perfect backdrop to set the mood in your apartment in any time of the day. Studies also show that letting natural light in boosts your mood, so don’t be afraid to have huge windows like those in Gigi’s NYC apartment.

Add A Personal Touch

Gigi Hadid personal mementos Photo credit: Instagram.com/emmasittig

Gigi didn’t skimp on decorating her apartment with personal mementos, and neither should you! A good-looking apartment need not be full of high-end furniture straight from magazines and catalogs. In fact, a good-looking apartment is that which makes people feel at home – and what better way to do this than to add your own personal touch? You can start by decorating your walls with some of your favorite framed photos, or adding stuffed toys to your collection of couch throw pillows.

Invest In Cozy Furniture

Gigi Hadid Apartment Photo credit: Dogulas Elliman Real Estate

Just as much as it is stylish, Gigi’s apartment is cozy and with good reason. Cozy furniture makes your apartment feel more homey and relaxing – a perfect setting to come home to after a hard day’s work. Throw in a fuzzy blanket on your couch, and maybe add a soft reading chair in your living room. For lighting, orange hues are the best to have in creating a warm aura.

Give It A Read

Gigi Hadid Apartment books Photo credit: Instagram.com/gigihadid

Books make for a great addition to any room – you can fill your living room with coffee table books (or even your old yearbooks, if you’re brave!), and you can fill your kitchen with different recipe books too. Not only are they useful, but they also add a bit of life and story into any room. In fact, Gigi’s own NYC apartment has a stack of coffee table books in her living room!

Whatever your style or taste is, you can always look to Gigi’s NYC apartment for a few inspirations. Like her apartment, the key is to keep things simple and elegant. Add your own personal flair, and this makes your home all the more charming.

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written by Bea Luna