5 Creative Ways to Instantly Hide Your Home’s Imperfections

It’s not a secret that we all want a beautiful home we can proudly call ours, but it’s also not a secret that as time passes, this gets harder and harder to achieve. Cracks start to line your once pearly white walls and stains start to form around the edges of ceilings. Over time, these become obvious – not just to you, but to your guests too. Here are five ways you can (temporarily) hide your home’s imperfections, which may come in handy one day especially when you’re expecting visitors to arrive!

1. Cover It With Art

Living room with big painting Photo credit: pinterest.com

Not only do you get to hide that pesky crack or stain, you also get to display beautiful art that lights up a room. You can purchase framed paintings and hang them – maybe from your favorite artist or a painting that caught your eye – or you can frame one of your family photos and hang them up too.

2. Make Use Of Carpets And Rugs

living room with pink carpet Photo credit: aliexpress.com

If it’s your floor that has a problem – like cracked tiles, for example – a quick fix would be to hide it using a carpet or a rug. Ideally, these rugs go well and blend in with the rest of the furniture in the room – if it sticks out too much, like if it were to have bold colors in contrast with subdued colors on your furniture, walls and floor, you might draw more attention to it than you’d like.

3. Stick Temporary Wallpaper

kitchen wallpaper Photo credit: pinterest.com

Need to cover up that stain on your wall but don’t have much time? You can buy temporary wallpaper (that matches your current wall, of course) and stick it on for the meantime. This is especially handy if you have visitors coming over in a few days and don’t have much time to fix all the leaks and cracks in your home. You can buy these at your local hardware stores.

4. Decorate With Vinyl Decals

pink walls decorated with vinyl decals Photo credit: cdn.home-designing.com

These are beautiful additions to your solid colored walls – whether it be in the living room, dining area, or your own bedroom. They can be in the shape of cutout trees or birds, or any design out there that might catch your eye. While these can hides some cracks here and there, it might not hide everything – but hey, at least you get beautiful wall art!

5. Rearrange Your Shelves

white shelf

Place your shelves, drawers, or cabinets in front of the crack or stain (if it’s on a wall) and above the cracked tiles (if the cracks are on the floor) to quickly hide it. You can even place different items on top of your shelves to make it look like you just redecorated – like picture frames, plush toys, books, etc.

While it’s fairly easy to find a quick fix to hide your home’s imperfections, it may not be the best way to solve the problem in the most sustainable and cost-effective way. After all, covering up these cracks and stains can only last you for a few weeks before the cracks get bigger and the leaks start allowing more water to fall through. So before things get worse, have it fixed by trusted service providers. Head on over to Gawin.ph and we’ll connect you with home renovation experts who’ll make sure your home is in tiptop shape –  it all starts with a click!

written by Bea Luna