5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Subway Tiles At Home

subway tiles kitchen

Incorporating subway tiles into one’s home has been a growing trend in the recent years – and it comes as no surprise. Subway tiles add a more playful touch to your home’s interior decor, while at the same time being subtle enough that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in any of your rooms. Here are a few creative ways on how you can incorporate your subway tiles at home.

1. White on yellow

Subway tiles are inspired by the New York subway and are typically paired with yellow and black when trying to capture and redefine that theme. You can do the same for your kitchen, where you can install white subway tiles while coloring your counter tops black and cupboards yellow.

2. Go monochromatic

If your style is more on the chic modern side, you can incorporate subway tiles by going for the black ones with white grout. This would look great when incorporated in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen that have mostly white furniture and paint, alongside shiny marble fixtures that are either white or black. Add a bit of color for highlights, like a red tabletop fixture or a green potted plant.

3. Be a little playful

Maybe you prefer a little bit more color in your home. In that case, you can spruce up your home design by incorporating subway tiles that come in more playful colors like powder blue or pale pink, which both go well with white furniture.

On the other hand, if you have wooden furniture or furniture that’s on the darker side (like dark grays or blacks), you can opt for brick subway tiles instead. Colored tiles like these make for a fun and bold statement, so don’t be afraid to try them out. Just pay attention to what color you’ll be using though. Since subway tiles look better when you use a lot of them in one area, you may want to avoid overly bright or neon colors.

4. Want something more out of the box? Go for piano tiles

black and white subway tiles
Photo credit: Garden Web

Who says you need to follow a specific pattern when using subway tiles? If you want something a little more creative and out of the ordinary, go for piano-like tiles like this. They’re in black and white, so they would go well with black and white furniture as well, and when the black tiles are placed in odd locations it breaks the usual monotony of wall tiles.

5. Sport the clean look

white subway tiles
Photo credit: Pinterest

Subway tiles are not only meant for those who want a bit of a quirky addition to their homes, but they’re perfect for those who are a fan of a clean and crisp look too. This is especially great for kitchens, where you’d want a welcoming and clean aura while cooking and serving food. You can match white subway tiles and white grout with white countertops to get that sophisticated, all-white look.

Whether it’s changing up your entire space into something that reflects your style, or simply installing subway tiles into your home, you can get help from any of Gawin.ph’s trusted home improvement or interior design professionals. While there are a lot of ideas you can use as inspiration from the internet, it takes a real professional to truly know how your design pegs can be customized to fit your home.

written by Bea Luna