5 Creative Cakes That Any Fresh Graduate Will Love

Graduation season is here! If you have someone special in your life who’s about to celebrate this huge milestone – whether it’s your niece, nephew, your children or any relative – these cakes and sweets are sure to brighten up their day. After all, sweet treats make the celebration more special and everyone loves it! Give a cool cake design that says “congratulations!” in the most creative way possible!

For the Soon-to-be Doctor or Nurse

doctor themed cupcakes Photo credit: wikimedia.org

These cupcake designs are perfect for the college graduate who’s about to go to medicine school, the med school graduate who’s about to be a full-fledged doctor or nurse, or even the high school graduate who dreams of becoming a doctor someday. Show them you support their dreams through these cute themed cupcakes!

For the Chocolate Lover

overload chocolate cake Photo credit: layercakelisburn.com

Who says graduation cakes always have to be designed according to theme? If the graduate is a chocolate lover at heart, this cake is a perfect way to tell them you’re proud of them – aside from being a perfect way to make them smile. Celebrate their hard work by giving them something they deserve: a delicious, chocolatey treat!

For the Aspiring Chef

chef themed cake Photo credit: pinterest.com

Did they just graduate from cooking school? Or perhaps, graduated from high school and they’re on their way to becoming a world-class chef? Celebrate this special day with them with this cute and creative cake design, as a special reminder that you believe they can achieve their dreams of becoming a renowned chef!

For the Athlete

Buttercream-Basketball-Cake-Ideas Photo credit: rezzatta.com

School isn’t just about academics, but also developing skills in things you’re passionate about. If your recent graduate got flying colors as a member of their school or college’s varsity team, show them how proud you are with sports-themed custom cakes! It can be designed according to any sport – volleyball, basketball, badminton. You name it!

For the High-flyer

airplane cakes Photo credit: hiveminer.com

Graduations signify the end of a chapter and the start of a new one. Sometimes, the next chapter holds more adventures around the world. If your loved one is about to embark on a new journey abroad, perhaps pursuing studies or work in another country, these sweet cupcakes can tell them you’ll miss them for sure but are proud to see them flying high!

Graduation is an exciting time for anyone and the entire family. This is one of the best times to celebrate all the achievements, the lessons and memories, and to turn over a new leaf to begin another chapter. Celebrate this special day with a wonderfully-designed cake through the help of any of custom cake designers at Gawin.ph! Head on over to our website and submit a job request. You’ll receive free pricing quotations so that you can compare rates and read their profiles online as well as customer reviews. Thus, it makes your hiring decision so much easier!

written by Bea Luna