5 Common Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

If cleaning your home and keeping it spick and span is on your 2017 goals list, then it’s worth noting that cleaning isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s easy, and completely doable, but there are in fact a few common cleaning mistakes that a lot of people make. If you want to make your home truly sparkle, make sure you avoid these common cleaning pitfalls.

Making Your Bed

bedroom Photo credit: christinecarter.com

While our moms have surely done a good job of training us to make our beds the moment we get out of them, making the bed actually provides dust mites with a happy home of their own. These microscopic bugs live in our bedding, and studies have shown that the average bed can host up to 1.5 million of dust mites. The same research showed that when a bed is unmade, the dust mites are more prone to dehydrate and eventually die compared to when in a bed that’s made.

Cleaning Your Windows While the Sun Is High

cleaning window glass Photo credit: ybhcleaningservices.com

It might seem counterintuitive to clean the windows other than when the sun is shining its brightest to let you see all the dust and dirt to get rid off, but in fact the opposite is true. Cleaning your windows when the sun is high in the sky yields streaky windows, as the high heat and light allows for water to evaporate too quickly. To avoid those pesky streaks, it’s advisable to clean the windows in the early morning or on a cloudy day instead.

Using Fabric Softeners All the Time

pour fabric softener into washing machine Photo credit: goodhousekeeping.com

Fabric softeners are homeowners’ best friend, especially when you’re one to love the feel of freshly laundered fabric and the smell of the fabric softener that comes with it. But what a lot of people don’t know is that many fabric softener brands are actually made as a mix of animal fat and synthetic chemicals, which may cause irritation to the skin. So it’s wise to go for an eco-friendly fabric softener if you really need too. In addition, fabric softeners work their magic by coating fibers on your clothes, so don’t use them on fabrics that need absorbency like towels and athletic clothes.

Using Cleaning Agents on Wooden Furniture

cleaning wood furniturePhoto credit: blog.minwax.com

Most likely, that gorgeous wooden chair or table you just bought was created with material and a wooden finish that’s more sensitive than you might think. Because of that, wooden furniture will not benefit from oils, solvents and synthetic waxes that you might have thought to be effective cleaners. Using such products on wooden surfaces may not only lead to more visible fingerprints, but also make the furniture more capable of trapping dust. Instead, clean wooden furniture with slightly water-moistened cloth.

Treating Electronics Like Your Furniture

clean-tv-screen Photo credit: flanners.com

Even if they’re seemingly just as sturdy, your electronics and their screens are not just like windows. They don’t respond well to window and multi-purpose cleaners, and can be easily damaged by general cleaning products and the fiber from tissue or paper towels can scratch them easily. Instead, use microfiber cloth and gently wipe your gadgets to clean them. If you must clean out dust, use water mist through a spray bottle, or spot for a spray cleaner specifically created for gadgets.

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written by Bea Luna