5 Brilliant Ways To Glam Up Your Small Living Room

The living room is intended for two things – relaxation and place for entertaining guests. As the first room that people see when they enter your house, it gives guests an overview of how you treat your house. It also reflects the personality of who’s living in the house. You don’t want your guests to think you’re an untidy person, right?

Although you have a small living room, it’s not an excuse to leave it as it is and refuse options on how to make it appealing. Here are five brilliant ways to glam up your house’s living room.

Pick Warm White Lights

warm lights Photo credit: aliimg.com

Lights can make a big difference. The lighting in the room can either enhance or kill a certain mood. Using warm white lights in the living room fosters a warm atmosphere – making it a comfortable place. Thus, it helps anyone in the living room relax and ease the tension off their shoulders. Also, don’t forget to get LED lights! They’re way more cost efficient!

Use Multi-functional Furniture

multi-functional furniture Photo credit: forum.dontpayfull.com

When you have a small living room, your main enemy is clutter. The best way to combat against clutter is to have furniture pieces which serve dual purposes. Look for sofas or vases with seamless storage options where you can stuff in knick knacks to help keep the clutter at bay. It’s also a big plus if your furniture has some sort of cooler installed when you’re in the mood for some fine champagne with soothing music.

Add Plants To Your Space

living room plants     Photo credit: cdn.home-design.com

Plants are refreshing to look at, soothing to the eye, and also capable of creating an illusion that adds depth to the room. Cool shades of green and blue are said to be the most relaxing colors. Hence, placing plants in light blue or green pots in corners or near furniture can help the eyes relax. For a simple yet elegant appearance, hanging plants are the way to go.

Place Mirrors to Add Depth

mirrors living room Photo credit: stevewilliamskitchens.com

Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of depth. Choose a simple yet ornate piece to fit your living room’s theme to give it a slight edgy design. While some people have superstitions about mirrors, it doesn’t matter as long as the mirror is fastened securely. Likewise, don’t be scared to hang large mirrors as it opens up more space and enhances decors in the room.

Choose Wallpapers That Create Optical Illusions

living room wallpapersPhoto credit: decoholic.org

When you have a small living room, it is highly recommended to put up wallpapers. It does not only spruce up your boring cream wall but also creates an illusion of a wider room. Pick the stripes that run horizontally or vertically, as this design stretches the walls of the room. Thus, it makes the room look bigger than it actually is.

No matter how tiny the space is, the living room is big enough to witness the most memorable moments with guests and family. Keep it neat and comfortable, and continue to find ways on how to change its look every now and then. Don’t hesitate to unleash your creative side.

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written by Katherine Gohu