5 Best Reasons Why You Should Hire A Swimming Coach

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn this basic survival skill, or you already know the basics and want to up your game, getting a swimming coach to help you can be one of the best decisions you’ll make. While you can find many tutorials online that can allow you to teach yourself, getting a swimming coach is still the most effective way one can learn skills in swimming – especially since safety is important. Here are the best reasons why you should hire a swimming coach:

They Have Years of Valuable Experience


Swimming coaches have been training in the sport and coaching students for years, which means that they’ve developed skills – both in swimming and in teaching – that can prove to be valuable to any kind of student, whether a beginner or not. From their experience, they can gauge your skill level and provide you with sufficient guidance so you can learn and improve.

They Can Teach Techniques You Won’t Find On Videos

coach darius aquarius learn to swim Photo credit: Aquarius Learn to Swim

Sometimes, even video demos can’t teach you the techniques you need to learn in a way that you can easily understand. In addition, learning techniques online would require you to actively search for what you want to learn. This means that you can’t be entirely sure if you’re ready to learn that technique or you need to learn something beforehand. Moreover, there might be techniques that would be more appropriate for what kind of skill level you have. Only a professional swimming coach can help you on that matter.

They Can Give Objective Feedback

swimming coach Photo credit: nsw.swimming.org.au

This is probably one of the most valuable things you can get from hiring a swimming coach. They can give you the feedback you need, and you can trust that it’s personalized and directly applicable to you. Sure, an online tutorial might be able to tell you how you should perform a certain technique, but only a coach can tell you what you’re doing wrong and how exactly you can improve. Learning requires feedback, and coaches are usually the best at giving that.

They Can Be A Source of Motivation

swim coach Photo credit: blog.sacbee.com

When the going gets rough, coaches provide a good amount of motivation to get you through those tough sessions that you may be inclined to give up on if you did it only on your own. Coaches can encourage you and help you see your potential for improvement – even when you would rather give up instead.

They Can Be A Good Sounding Board

swimming coach guiding student Photo credit: dorrellsports.com

When you learn how to swim or when you learn new skills in swimming, you may come up with several ways to execute a technique better and more suitable for you. But without a coach, you have no one to validate these ideas with. Getting a coach isn’t a one-way kind of thing where he or she tells you what to do and how to do it – you get to pitch your ideas too, and in the process, learn better as well.

Turning to online videos or tutorial articles may be a quick and easy fix, but this may not prove to be the most effective nor safest option. At the very least, getting a swimming coach can help you learn the skills you need without compromising your safety. Beyond that, coaches can also help you in many more ways than internet material can. If you want to find a trusted professional swimming coach, head on over to Gawin.ph and book swimming lessons at affordable, fixed rates!

written by Bea Luna