5 Beautiful Mermaid Scales Designs You Will Love At Home

When choosing a design for a home, most people would go for plain and modern styles of interior design. Primarily because it’s cheaper and easier to clean and maintain. However, adding a bit of elegance and a touch of your personality to your home can make a difference. Remember that a home says a lot about its owner so bring out your inner creativity and try experimenting with new designs.

Probably, when you were a kid, there was a time when you became fascinated with mermaids. Of course, movies and stories portrayed them as beautiful creatures with wonderful voices. You might have given up on your dreams to become a mermaid but don’t worry, you can still live out your mermaid dreams – through decorating! Here are some ways to incorporate mermaid scales tiles into your home.

Concrete Chic

concrete fish scales designPhoto credit: pinterest.com

When marbles look too glossy and you’d want a more rustic touch, opt for mermaid scales tiles made out of concrete. On plain solid wood, concrete can be a nice addition especially on your terrace or even the outside of your gate to give it a more watery feel.


Fish Scales Wall Art

fish scales wall art Photo credit: twothirtyfivedesigns.com

Scales don’t have to be blue or even made from hard material. For those who are into using recyclable materials, paper plates can do wonderfully as fish scale designs on your wall. All it takes is a stapler gun and some paper plates. Best part is, you can use the cheap materials to paint those paper plates for an added unique touch to your walls.

Mermaid-Style Bathroom

fish scales tiles for bathroom
 Photo credit: apartmenttherapy.com

Of course, fish scales would match perfectly in the place where water’s most abundant. When you’re taking a nice soak in the tub and you just want to feel like you’re underwater with a nice set of fins, decorate your bathroom wall with some blue fish scales instead of those traditional white square tiles. Besides, having a blue color in your bathroom helps soothe the eyes as you rest and relax.

Fish Scales Planters

fish scales design to hold plants Photo credit: pinterest.com

Looking for a new way to hang your plants? Look no further than using mermaid scales design. This design can even masquerade the pots among the scales so it doesn’t look too obstructing. Depending on the color of your wall, choose color palettes accordingly to match and bring out a vibrant feel.

Fish Scales On Kitchen Walls

mermaid scales tiles on kitchen walls Photo credit: mercurymosaics.com

Want to brighten up your dull kitchen to give inspiration while you’re preparing food? Add a new design to your walls with mermaid scales tiles. These tiles have been all the rage especially for kitchens because it’s easy to clean but not a boring structure. Also, with a little color and light – you’ll surely enjoy your cooking sessions in no time.

Fish scales have become the new in-thing for tiles. Forget those old square tiles and go for something different – a smooth and flowing one that helps people relax. Shapes and colors tend to do a lot of mind work on the people and can either reinvigorate you or exhaust you beyond imagination. But with these new fish scale tiles, your house will look spic and span and even resemble one of those European houses that everyone dreams of having someday.

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written by Katherine Gohu