5 Awesome Ways to Celebrate One’s Graduation

Graduation definitely calls for some celebration! Fresh grads deserve to sit back and have some fun after all that hard work. Whether you or someone you know is graduating soon, make use of any of these party ideas for a memorable graduation celebration!

Planned Party At A Function Room

function room

Book a room at your favorite restaurant and invite everyone – besides the obvious – your family, bring your barkada, former classmates, batchmates, and maybe even your orgmates. You can even top it off with your favorite book, movie, or series as a theme: Star Wars, Disney, or anything under the sun! Just make sure to plan early so people can save the date!

Beach Getaway

friends at the beach

Soak your feet in some fine sand and swim in the ocean until the sun sets. A beach getaway is a great way to celebrate turning over a new leaf and to unwind. Pamper yourself with some much-awaited and well-deserved rest. Hang out with your friends, your significant other, and your family. Enjoy a wide range of activities like diving, surfing, and snorkeling.

Surprise Party At Home

graduation surprise party Photo credit: lifestorage.com

Someone just graduated? Catch them off-guard and throw them a surprise party right at home! Keep everyone hidden behind furniture with balloons and greeting the fresh grad with a big, hearty “surprise!” right as they step into the house after graduation ceremonies. This is definitely going to be a story they’ll tell for years to come!

Hotel Staycation


If you want a more serene way to celebrate, a hotel staycation may just be perfect for you. Graduation is one of the biggest events in your life. You deserve the pampering. The continental breakfast, crisp sheets, fluffy pillows, spa treatment, and some wine over a good movie in bed – these things practically make up the weekend we’ve always wanted. Now that you’ve graduated, you can stay in to celebrate!

Road Trip

road trip

The time between your graduation and the next chapter of your life is one of the rarest moments when you get to do things you’ve always wanted. That road trip you’ve been eyeing for ages? Yep, you can do that now! You can head to Tagaytay for a day, or even into the deeper parts of Antipolo.

Make your graduation celebration an extra special one. If you’re hosting a party, enlist the help of caterers, cake designers, and don’t forget to have a photo booth at the venue! Get in touch with trusted service professionals through Gawin.ph. Visit our website, submit a request and we’ll link you to the right guys in a few clicks!

written by Bea Luna