5 Awesome Decorating Tips For A Millennial’s First Home

So you’ve finally landed your own place – Congratulations! It surely is a big step for anyone, and just like any achievement unlocked, it ought to be celebrated!

There’s no better way to celebrate having your own place than decorating it just the way you want it. It may feel overwhelming at first, but making your dream home a reality is completely possible. Take it step by step, starting with these decorating tips:

Choose A Design Accordingly

millennials home decorating Photo credit: homeyou.com

Before anything, choose a design that fits the dimensions of your home and suits your taste. Are you one for the modern and chic, or are you more of an old soul? Whatever your taste is, there’s always a way to match your ideal home design into your place. Think about the wall colors, type of flooring, doors and windows as well as the kitchen design you’ve always wanted. You can search for inspirations on websites like Pinterest to give you a better idea of what color palettes, furniture, and overall feel you want for your home.

Aim For Comfort

millennials house decorating Photo credit: washingtonpost.com

One of the top priorities in home decorating is finding that sweet spot that blends style with comfort. Of course, everyone wants to come home to a place that gives them a comfortable feeling and ambiance. This will be your sanctuary for quite a long time, so you want to make sure that you’ve got comfort down pat. Start by choosing a bed you’d love to sleep in, a couch you’d love to hang out in, and possibly, dining furniture pieces that would foster a lovely setting for intimate conversations and celebrations.

Get the Perfect Lighting

millennials home decorating lighting              Photo credit: zillow.com         

You may have the coolest design ideas in mind but bad lighting would ruin it all. Make sure that the lights you choose would go well with your designs or aren’t too blinding to the eyes. Natural lighting is always the best, but if your space can’t allow a lot of it, you can always tune your lighting until it’s the kind you want for that specific room. For a more relaxed, cafe-esque feel, you can opt for yellow-orange hues. But if you want more focus (like in your kitchen, for example), you can opt for fluorescent lights.

Put In Cool Decors and Furniture Pieces

millennials decorating cool decors Photo credit: dyh.com

For most people, the fun part of home decorating comes when it’s time to choose your house decors and furniture. After choosing a design, browse through online catalogs for furniture pieces that best fit the theme you want and the room. Pick out bookshelves, caddies, chairs, closets, mirrors, and other furniture you want for your home. You can also pick out things you want to hang on your wall – cool, quirky clocks, movie posters, what have you.

Keep It Clutter-Free

millennials home decorating design        Photo credit: pattisays.wordpress.com

Of course, the key to any good-looking home is keeping it clutter-free. No matter how good your walls, floors and furniture look, if you don’t clean your place regularly, it won’t look as beautiful as it could. If your place doesn’t have enough space, you may opt for multifunctional furniture pieces or creative DIY ideas to keep your place organized.

Decorating your home may seem too much especially if you’re a first-timer. You’d want to get every little detail perfect, because after all, you are spending for it. 

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written by Bea Luna