5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Lemons

Photo credit: brightnest.com

While lemons suggest sourness or difficulty in our lives (does “when life hands you lemons..” sound familiar?), they actually make life a little easier. Not only do they go well with many recipes, they are also amazing cleaning pals. Due to their disinfectant properties, lemons are nature’s own version of cleaners. A teaspoon of lemon can work wonders inside your house. Here are some cleaning hacks you can use with a little squeeze of lemon juice!

1. Remove Ink Spots On Cloth

ink stain on shirtPhoto credit: drycleaningtips.com

Did the little one accidentally leave the marker uncapped again? No need to fret or throw out your cushions or your curtains. Instantly remove ink spots with lemon. Just apply lemon juice on the stain and put the material in the washer right after.

2. Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh

closetPhoto credit: californiaclosets.com

The smell of freshly washed clothes will lose their clean scent when stored in a closed space (e.g. drawers, closets) for long periods of time. To retain the freshness of your laundry, follow this simple step: Cut up lemon peels, put them in a mesh bag and store them in your closet or drawer.

3. Give Your Cutting Board A Nice Scent


A cutting board is a cook’s trusted kitchen friend. Using it for things with strong odors like fish, garlic and can ruin the taste of other food that you would need to chop next. Take out stains and strong odors by rubbing lemon juice and salt on the board as you clean it.

4. Clean The Insides Of Your Microwave


When your microwave is left uncleaned, stains and odors start to develop on its insides. This can pose a little bit of a hassle when finally cleaning it. Lemons solve that problem with a quick and easy trick. Simply squeeze a lemon into the glass, add the rind, and then microwave the glass.

5. Make Your Furniture Shiny Again

shiny-furniturePhoto credit: miskellyblog.com

No need to buy furniture polisher – just use lemon instead. Mix one teaspoon lemon with two teaspoons olive oil, put the mixture on a piece of cloth, and start polishing!

When it comes to cheap and cleaning hacks, lemons are useful and reliable. But if you plan on having a thorough home makeover, you’d want to do a thorough cleaning job instead of using lemons everywhere. You can enlist the help of one of our professional cleaning services available on Gawin. Our cleaners are well-equipped with cleaning agents to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This will make your entire home looking as fresh as it can be – beyond the lemon’s magical cleansing powers!

written by Bea Luna