5 Amazing Organizing Hacks for Life

Whether you’re moving into a new house, wanting to declutter your area, or thinking of ways to make tasks easier, organization is key for a peaceful living. While most people see organizing as dreary and boring, there are actually various ways to make it fun and easy. Likewise, organizing can also help you in recycling and keeping the world a greener place to live in. Here are some amazing organizing hacks you should definitely try at home.

Create Your Own Kits – for Cleaning, Styling or Other Chores

house cleaning kit Photo credit: kidspot.com.au

Sometimes, when we’re doing multiple tasks at home, we tend to forget to put things back in its proper place. Instead of finishing the next task after the other, we spend time looking for the item we lost. But if you have your own kit – whether for cleaning or even styling, you can easily get the items you need for such task. Just make sure all the supplies needed for the task are inside the kit.

Keep Important Files Easy to Locate Using Color-coded Folders

color coded folders for organization Photo credit: moneysupermarket.com

Use folders to segregate and arrange files based on how you want them. That way, it’s easier to keep track of records and avoid misplacing them. Instead of the usual brown-colored folders, get various colors of it and have some color-coding scheme. Don’t forget to put labels!

Cook Meals And Store Them In Personal Pans Or Ziploc Bags

freezer food meals in ziploc bags Photo credit: lovingmynest.com

There are nights when you’re either too tired or too dedicated to prepare meals at home. When you find yourself doing the latter, opt for freezer-friendly meals that you can prepare early and store in ziploc bags or personal pans. For a quick meal, pull it out from the freezer, then fry or bake your very own home-cooked meal. You’d save time to prepare and also avoid leftovers.

Use Old, Large Cans As Spool For Cables And Wires

turn large old cans into spool Photo credit: m.enasco.com

Cables and wires can be such a pain to roll up all the time. Likewise, if you roll them up carelessly, they might end up getting twisted and tangled. Use an old, large can of preserved fruits and use it as a spool for your long wires. Through this hack, you are also able to extend the life of your cables and wires. If you don’t have large cans at home, you may also use an empty roll of toilet paper with two circular card boards pasted together to form the spool for your cables.

Turn Old Crayons Into Various Shades of Lipsticks

turn crayons into lipstick Photo credit: pinterest.com

Want to get rid of old crayons but can’t throw them away because you love the color so much? Turn them into lipsticks and have multiple shades to use! For this hack, you’ll need your favorite crayons, a small cup where you can place your lipstick, some shea butter, some coconut oil, and a hot pan to melt everything in. Mix it together with a metal spoon and you can come up with shades of lipstick you have never seen before!

Organizing takes a while but it’s quite rewarding once you see the fruits of your labor. You’ll find things that you’ve thought you lost and you’ll also discover how it lets you saves time and energy. It helps keep everything in their proper places so should you need them, you know where to find them.

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written by Katherine Gohu