4 Ways to Modernize Your Dining Room This New Year

New year, new look! How about making more room for dinner guests? Or for a change this 2017, might as well transform your dining room. Perhaps, something more chic and modern? If you’re up for a dining room update and are looking for fresh ideas, you can check out these awesome pegs for some inspiration.

Shape Matters

white leather dining set Photo credit: home-designing.com


When it comes to modern house designs, what you usually notice first is the thought put into the geometry of it. What makes this design theme look so sophisticated is that the shapes are well-planned to complement one another and give a clean, spacious look while still maintaining a high-end feel by using a lot of diagonal lines and corners. Modern rooms are usually characterized by shapes you can layout across a grid, making the room look symmetrical.

Rustic Yet Modern

rustic modern dining tablePhoto credit: home-designing.com


Some aficionados of modern house designs would opt for chic and modern through and through – glass tables, angular chairs, and so on and so forth to achieve a clean, uniform look. But if you’re going for something a little bit more homey, you can mix up your modern furniture with rustic ones that balance them out. Usually, the technique is to use wood in shades of brown that complement monochromatic walls or furniture, like in the photo above. Because the dining room’s major color (the color of the walls and the floor) is white, any shade of brown would go well with it.

Use An Accent Color

modern dining room look with yellow accent color Photo credit: homeozoic.com


Achieve a sophisticated look by keeping balance and not going too overboard. Too many colors in one room will hurt the eyes, and too much monochrome is a little risky and can make the room look dull. You can achieve a balance by matching blacks and whites with an accent color of your choice, and using that color on several furniture pieces that immediately draw attention.

Statement Light Fixtures

modern dining room with statement light fixture Photo credit: cragfont.com

Furniture pieces, selecting colors and balancing out the look isn’t enough. Light fixtures for your dining room area can either make or break your interior design ideas. Opt for light fixtures that provides the right amount of light while complementing the decors in the dining room. Add a dash of sophistication and dramatic focal point with statement lighting pieces.

Sporting a specific theme or design for your home renovation project takes a lot of planning and thought, especially since the change is going to be permanent. Should you need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Gawin. With the help of our home renovation specialists and interior designers, you will get the modern look you’re hoping to have this year. Don’t let anything get in your way of reinventing your dining room – submit a job request now!


written by Bea Luna