4 Types of Horrible House Tenants You Should Avoid

We know you’ve put a lot of effort into renovating and decorating the piece of property that you’re about to rent out. It’s your first time and you’re keen to share this place with a tenant whom you wish will appreciate all the efforts you’ve done to make it comfortable.

Landlords, you’re taking a huge step forward when you rent out a property as there’s a high level of trust needed between both parties for the agreement to work. Unfortunately, not everyone makes a good tenant. These are the tenants you don’t want to have:

1. The forgetful one

rental money
Photo credit: Property Guiding

This tenant will be late to pay their bills, so you will always need to remind them to pay up because they seem to always “forget” to do so. This can be really stressful because you’ll need to constantly follow up with them and check your bank account every day.

2. The dirty one

messy living room
Photo credit: Pink Peonies

This tenant will leave yesterday’s pizza box in the living room area because he’s too lazy to throw it away. And that goes for soda cans, bags of chips and everything else. Habits of tenants like these invite all sorts of pests into the space, which will cost you a lot more to get rid of. But fret not, we have pest control experts if the situation gets out of hand.

3. The destructive one

destroyed kitchen
Photo credit: CBC News

Some people just can’t appreciate nice things. The kitchen cabinet that you personally designed and installed might be chipped, or even scratched within weeks.

4. The litterbug

Photo credit: Ali’s Adventures

It’s not just you, but your tenants’ neighbours also hate them. These guys will throw anything and everything from their balconies – and some even litter in front of their houses. Ugh, gross.

If you’ve personally experienced a tenant from hell, we’d love to hear your story (or nightmare) in the comments below. In the meantime, contact our technicians here on Gawin.ph if you need help fixing any of your household appliances. 

written by Esther Chung