4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Out For Pests in the Summer

Summer may be the season of beach trips, ice candy and halo-halo, but it’s also the favorite season of pests. Whether it be those pesky cockroaches or nasty rats crawling around your house, these pests are highly active during the summer season – and to ward them off, it’s best to understand why exactly they come out to play in the summertime.

Like us, they don’t like hot environments

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Pests are greatly affected by changing temperatures, and like us, they can take the summer heat – but only until a certain point. When it gets too hot outside, pests like mice and ants seek shelter and shade indoors, so they are likely to barge in unannounced in your house to avoid the heat.

They thrive in the sun

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Unfortunately, even if pests are averse to extremely warm temperatures, they still favor when the sun is out. This is, after all, when they eat – and since summer brings with it longer days and shorter nights, watch out for pests who take advantage of this and hang around for longer periods during the day.

They thrive in moist areas

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Got areas in your house where moisture is common – like, maybe, a tub full of stagnant water? Aside from these spaces being a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, pests also depend on water to survive, especially during the hot season. So when it’s dry outside, expect for pests to head inside your house for much-needed hydration.

They like to munch on plants

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If you keep a garden in your backyard, front yard or even inside your home, you may expect to see pests show up more often. Summer is the season for plants to flourish, and these plants are really attractive as a food source for pests, which can in turn lead to more pests flocking to areas with a lot of food for them until it runs out and they move on to another source.

As precaution, it is best to double check your home for cracks in the walls, floors, ceilings and even pavements, as these can serve as entry points for pests to seek shade in your home. Make sure as well that you leave no stagnant water or moist areas in your home, and ensure that your trash cans have tight lids that pests can’t escape from. Try to limit the number of plants you bring into your home, and make sure to keep your plants well-trimmed.

Of course, the best prevention is to create a fool-proof, customized way to ensure that no pests get into your home. Not all houses are the same, and oftentimes, cracks and crevices in walls or floors are hard to detect without any help. For this, you can hire Gawin’s most-trusted pest control professionals to help you out.