4 House Goals Inspired By Justin Bieber’s Mansion Tour in LA

Ever wondered if Justin Bieber has enough time to stay at home? With concert tours, shows and countless recordings, the Canadian pop star seems to have no time at home in his busy schedule. But a quick tour around his Los Angeles mansion showed how the Biebs takes pride in having a really good time at home whenever he’s away from the spotlight.

The What Do You Mean hitmaker invited BBC Radio 1 into his crib. During his house tour with Clara Amfo, he surely gave fans and viewers some serious house goals.

1. Have A Really Cool Water Slide At Home

Photo credit: bbc.co.uk

Bieber knew how much his sister wanted a water slide, so he decided to grant her wish. Who wouldn’t want to have something like this at home, right? After a tiring and stressful day, sliding onto it feels refreshing – especially if you get to take a quick swim too.

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2. Order Any Food You Want From Your Own Chef


At one point, the Biebs mentioned how amazing his chef is at cooking awesome food. Anyone would love to have their own chef who can cook any meal you have in mind. It’s like having your very own restaurant at home! Sadly, most of us are not rich enough to afford a professional chef at home to cook anything we fancy, anytime of the day. But don’t worry. Depending on your budget and appetite needs, you can get your own food supplier through Gawin!  

3. Play the Sport You Love At Home

justin-bieber-basketball-courtPhoto credit: bbc.co.uk

Aside from music, Justin Bieber also loves to play basketball. He showed off his moves and first try dunk to BBC Radio 1’s Clara Amfo. His fluffy dog, Todd, even made a cameo to support his master.

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4. Have A Huge Backyard – Perfect For Any Activity!

justin bieber LA mansion gardenPhoto credit: bbc.co.uk

In Justin’s backyard, rolling/running, parties and intimate gatherings are perfect. It’s also a good place to lie down and feel the warm, prickly blades of grass. If you have a backyard that you’re not proud of – you could always get some help from our professional landscapers to turn that drab space into a fab hangout spot, complete with lovely shrubs over a sprawling, manicured lawn.

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Watch the complete video of Justin Bieber’s LA Mansion tour here.

written by Ronica Valdeavilla