4 Exercises To Enjoy With Your Special Someone

Through social media, we’re able to get a glimpse of the lives of our favorite celebrities – their #OOTDs, holiday venues and workout routines. And for celebrity couples we look up to, they inspire us to achieve goals in our romantic relationships.

Recently, host Ryan Agoncillo took to Instagram to show how he and wife, actress Judy Ann Santos, workout together at home. Fans of the power couple kept on insisting that these are surely #relationshipgoals. You know what they say – couples who workout together stay together. Here are some couple workout exercises for you and your beau.

Jogging While Playing Pokemon Go

jogging while playing Pokemon Go Photo credit: annabellaw.com

This Nintendo game has taken the world by storm when it launched last July. Not only does it let you live your childhood dream, it also helps you lose weight by being a pedometer. While running and jogging with your special someone, you both get to enjoy catching pokemons and visiting pokestops. Moreover, you also help each other hatch those poke eggs you’ve been getting from the stops. Just a word of caution: watch where you’re going!


couple cycling Photo credit: metaefficient.com

Not a fan of Pokemon Go or jogging? Try biking instead! It’s one of the best exercises for your legs and also helps build your cardiovascular fitness. Invite your special someone for some biking around the neighborhood or at the park – race against each other or take your time feeling the air breeze. If she doesn’t know how to ride it, there’s always a first for everything! Teach her the basics but don’t let her down (literally and figuratively) as she puts her trust on you.


couple swimming Photo credit: shuttershock.com

Swimming is an enjoyable activity perfect for any time of the day. In case the weather gets bad, there’s always an indoor pool you can go to. Swimming is a good cardio workout and also a life-saving skill that you may need. It also improves your overall lifestyle by working out all your limbs! And when both of you need to press pause from the busy work life – a dip in the pool is definitely one of the best choices to make. In case you want to improve on your skills, don’t hesitate to contact a swimming instructor on Gawin!


couples yoga date Photo credit: yogadatenight.com

Don’t let negativity get in the way of your relationship! Try yoga exercises to calm your senses and instead of useless arguments, work on having a healthy lifestyle. Doing yoga together further strengthens your bond and connection. Also, the poses help release all that negative energy building up inside you. Likewise, there are yoga poses that would remove some knots that are tied up in your muscles to help relax and move your limbs.

Exercising opens your body to a healthy and happy lifestyle. By improving your lifestyle and including your special someone in it, you both experience all the happy endorphins running through. You’ll get to motivate each other to lose those belly fats. 

But if you’re too indecisive on what you two should do, you can always get help from Gawin. We have professional fitness instructors that are ready to help you and your special someone get whipped into shape. Download the Gawin App, submit a request and get free quotes!

written by Katherine Gohu