4 Budget-Friendly Tips for The Newlyweds’ First Home

So you just got married – congratulations! For most young married couples, a new place to call home is top priority. The preparations for your move might seem daunting – from imagining your house design to planning its interior design, and even down right to scouting for furniture to buy. Not to mention, you wouldn’t want to overstretch your budget!

Luckily, there are quick tricks in creating your ideal first home as a married couple without having to spend large amounts of money. 

Consult An Interior Designer

interior designer consultation Photo credit: magnoliadesignsforliving.com

This might sound like a lavish expense but it actually isn’t. In fact, you might be doing yourself a favor. By consulting with an interior designer, you can turn your dream house into reality while customizing it to the space that you have. What’s more, as a young married couple, you might find that the expertise of a seasoned interior designer would come in handy – it saves you the trouble of worrying about the aspects of designing a house, and you wouldn’t have to worry about a do-over as you’ve gotten a good start on the right foot. 

Keep It Simple And Invest In The Natural

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When it comes to designing the interiors of your house, keep it as natural as it can be. Filling your house with windows (in the right places) to let in more natural light will be one of the best investments you can make. Natural light makes your place look brighter and happier, without the added cost of installing lights and chandeliers that you would need to use during the day.

For the flooring, ceiling and lighting fixtures, opt for durable but at the same time akin to the color palette you chose earlier on, and simple enough that you won’t strain your wallets. Even paint should be kept to a minimum – have a few accent colors and go for shades. You can also paint one wall your accent color, and it will already give the room an edgy look. 

You Don’t Have to Buy Everything

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For starters, you might need to buy furniture. But in a lot of cases, you actually don’t need to buy them brand new. You can go to thrift stores, secondhand stores or moving-out garage sales to discover good finds. You might be able to find your next coffee table at a vintage thrift store. You can also reuse items you find in your home – simply repainting a used bottle can turn it into a lovely pot for your house plants.

Less Is More

minimalist living room

Instead of filling all corners of your house with different kinds of accessories and memorabilia, go for simplicity – only keep the bare essentials. While you want to make sure that every space is maximized and none is wasted, you also want to make sure that the spaces aren’t crammed that there’s no breathing space. If you simply have a lot of stuff to keep but aren’t using them everyday – or are not meant for decor – invest in storage solution.

Having your first new home as a newlywed couple is definitely an exciting milestone for the both of you. Though preparations might seem overwhelming – especially when we’re talking about budget – there are ways to cut on costs while still creating a house design that’s as elegant as it can be. Follow these tips, and with one of our home renovation and interior design specialists by your side, you’d be set in no time! Download the Gawin App and submit a request to get free quotes.

written by Bea Luna