4 Brilliant Ways To Effectively Remove Stains

When there’s a gathering or the little ones get a bit playful, things can be a bit noisy and well, dirty around the place. Cleaning can become a tedious and difficult task. You can’t control everyone to behave properly – you’ll end up sounding rude. So, after everyone leaves, you don’t only wash dishes or clear nooks and crannies of crumbs. Sometimes, there’s a stain or two that’s hard to miss, and a whole lot harder to clean.

If this happens to you, don’t panic! You don’t need to throw out that expensive rug, or rush to the drycleaners to clean your favorite sofa cushions. Here are 4 effective ways to remove those pesky stains.

Pour Some Beer On It

glass of beer to remove stain

Unbeknownst to many, using beer actually helps remove coffee and tea stains – whether they be on your rug or any piece of cloth. Just dab a small amount of beer on the stain and rub the area lightly. You’ll notice that in a few seconds, the stain would disappear. If the stain is big, you might have to keep rubbing the area with small amounts of beer for the stain to completely disappear.

Use Vinegar for Anything and Everything

vinegar to remove stain                  Photo credit: bbc.co.uk

Vinegar is an infamous stain removal ingredient, and with good reason: you can use it on any stain of any strength. You can mix it with other ingredients for a more effective solution.

For light carpet stains, add some salt into vinegar, then rub the mixture on the stain. For paint, you can use vinegar with laundry detergent and water, then rub away the paint before it dries. Mixing vinegar with cornstarch strengthens its stain removal powers, so you can use this solution for tougher stains.

Rub Salt On It

rub salt on the stain        Photo credit: cdn.impremedia.com

If you accidentally spilled colored liquid onto your carpet, don’t fret. Rubbing some salt on the stain helps the color to subside. Just make sure to apply the salt before the stain dries. Then, clean it with cold water using a sponge. Sprinkle it again with some salt, then vacuum the salt away.

Get Some Baking Soda In There

baking soda to remove stain Photo credit: diyhomethings.com

This ingredient is indeed helpful especially if you have kids and babies in the house. Baking soda helps remove stains left by vomit and urine. Wipe up the mess, put some baking soda over the stain, then lightly dab the area using a towel. Let it dry completely before cleaning up the baking soda and stain residue.

Cleaning up a home and maintaining its cleanliness is definitely not easy, especially when you’re dealing with messes that seem to never disappear. If you’re not so confident in using these techniques, especially when the stain is on an expensive rug, better get help from professional cleaners. Log on to Gawin, submit a request and we’ll connect you to the right guys who will get the job done without ruining your carpet.

written by Bea Luna