4 Beautiful Dusty Rose Designs You Will Enjoy and Love

When we learned that Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine and wife Behati Prinsloo were expecting, we couldn’t help but get excited for the couple’s baby girl. Will she be a Victoria’s secret model like her mom or a gorgeous singer like her dad? One thing’s certain – Dusty Rose’s future looks bright with her supportive parents by her side.

If you’re gushing over her precious name and how cute she is, you’d surely love the pink shade named after her. This pretty shade of pink adds a touch of sophistication to a dull room. Here are some dusty rose design inspirations you can try at home.

Dusty Rose Walls

dusty rose color painted walls Photo credit: insideflyer.com

Having a room that reflects one’s personality and aspirations helps a person to stay motivated. A soon-to-be chef will mostly have a collection of cookbooks whereas an aspiring pilot will likely have airplane figures in his room. If you adore antique decorative pieces or would want a touch of royalty, a shade of dusty rose is perfect for your room. The color brings out sophistication and goes well with wooden furniture.

Dusty Rose Furniture

dusty rose color sofa Photo credit: abodelove.blogspot.com

Don’t be afraid to experiment with combining old and modern styles. When looking for a modern way to design your living room with that dusty rose paint, opt for a zen-inspired look. Furniture in this pink hue goes well with lightly painted walls. If you’d blend it with a contrasting color, it adds a little spunk. As a result, you’ll have a glamorous looking living room that brings a cozy atmosphere to guests.

Dusty Rose Pillows and Sheets

dusty rose sheets and pillows
Photo credit: Pinterest.com

Sometimes, when you’re planning to redecorate your room, all you need are pillows to add fresh style to it. It doesn’t have to be those with geometric patterns – even simple quote pillows can help light up your day. And with a shade of dusty rose, the room definitely feels peaceful to look at.

Dusty Rose Bedroom

dusty rose bedroom design
Photo credit: brit.co

If you fell in love with the pretty shade, you’d surely want to have your bedroom inspired by this color. Because this hue is not eye-poppingly bright, it’s perfect to use in the bedroom to bring a soothing and relaxing effect. If you live in a cool area, having a woolly blanket to go with your dusty rose bedroom will definitely keep you warm throughout the night.

Different colors have different effects on a person’s mood and thoughts. Having a blue room can calm the mind, whereas a green-themed room makes you feel relaxed. It’s because both colors are easy on the eyes. But if you’re looking for a non-traditional shade, color your home in the sweetness of dusty rose.

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written by Katherine Gohu