4 Amazingly Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars This Christmas

Mason jars have become all the rage since they’ve become a hit on Instagram. These containers are so versatile that they could be turned into or used in anything. What was once used for canning purposes is now being used by people as decorations and in other fancy knick knacks. This Christmas, take a step further by using these jars as light fixtures, food containers or even as simple decors to brighten up your home.

Unique Christmas Decors

christmas mason jars Photo credit: kastyles.co

These containers may have its standard straight shape but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative dressing them up this Christmas! Aside from holding chocolates and sweet treats readily available for your kids and godchildren, make sure they’re dressed up for the occasion. Whether you’ve got colored mason jars or transparent ones, turn them into a snow man, dress them up as Santa or decorate them with Christmas colors red, green and white!

Decorative Lamps

mason jar lamps Photo credit: blog.gardenloversclub.com

Because glass is a reflective surface, it can condense the light and make it seem brighter. All it takes is a bit of cutting to fit the light inside the jar. Also, make sure it’s strong and stable by gluing everything together or welding it together to make sure the lamp housing doesn’t fall apart. You can do this to give a more rustic feel to your home’s patio or terrace this Christmas season.

DIY Snow Globes

mason jars used as snow balls Photo credit: pinterest.com

Who doesn’t love looking at snow globes? Turn those mason jars into snow globes for your DIY project this holiday season. These decorations will surely be a great addition around your home. And because you can customize each snow globe, you can also give them as gifts to friends and relatives for a personal, unique touch.

Sweet Treats In A Jar

cookies in a jar Photo credit: theorganisedhousewife.com.au

Chocolates, sweet treats and even simple recipes definitely look awesome when put in mason jars. Once you’ve put the ingredients you need, you can refrigerate them and then serve when guests arrive at home. It will save you time in preparing treats and guests will also appreciate a different way of food consumption.

Many cafes and restaurants have capitalized on mason jars because of the numerous ways you can use it – as a food container, decoration, or it can simply be drinking glasses. And because it had become all the rage, people love using it as souvenirs and even party favors as to add a new dimension to gift giving.

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written by Katherine Gohu